afi directing

  1. Dreamer

    Applied AFI Directing - Fall 2024

    This is my second year applying. I submitted my directing assignment from last year as my moving image sample and made a new short film for this year's assignment on the prompt of necessity. I also wrote a completely new personal narrative statement, ensuring that it addresses all the aspects...
  2. BranTheHuman

    Applied AFI, Fall 2023 - Directing

    So far, so good. Like I stated above, I had about two weeks before the deadline to finish up a short film that I wanted to submit, write and shoot a scene based on their prompt, write the narrative statement and other papers, get two letters of recommendation, and get my unofficial transcripts...
  3. Maymers

    Applied AFI DIRECTING - 2023

    Was stressing over the "conflict" short and struggling with the script - but a trip to Provence with some film school classmates provided the perfect inspiration and I unexpectedly shot it there. Funnily enough, I feel it is the best short script I've ever written - the most cohesive and simple...
  4. R

    Short filmmaker applying to AFI-MFA in Directing

    Hello fellow filmmakers, I'm a short filmmaker based in LA and I'm planning to apply for MFA in Directing at AFI' 23. I directed a short film that's currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Being an immigrant with a unique story, I'm feeling optimistic about the application process. I was...
  5. C

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI Directing 2022

    Honestly, the whole process has been pretty taxing for me. I applied to all the programs I had applied to and I wasn't quite happy with my portfolio. In the month of November, I made two shorts that I am pretty happy with in hopes that they would boost my chances of getting into programs. That...
  6. ScriptToScreenDream

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI Conservatory Directing Fall 2022

    Application process went as smoothly as it could. Having applied once previously, I was familiar with the expectations and how long it would take me to accomplish the requirements. For the directing track, I submitted a short film that I recently made, as well as the Topic short film.
  7. carolinadolago2000

    AFI Directing MFA requires 4 year BA... but most European countries aren't 4 year programs? What's the equivalent for international students?

    Hi everyone!!! Hope you are all doing well! ;) I'm Carolina and I'm from Portugal! It's been a long journey of being an International student applying for a USA school, in this case, AFI. I would like that someone could help me figure out how can I still get the Master degree (if I'm accepted...
  8. rainydays

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI Directing

    This site was incredibly helpful.
  9. P

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI Directing Fall 2021

  10. T

    Denied (After Interview) AFI Fall 2021 - Directing

    - submitted 10 minutes of my short film - magical realism/drama. - Submitted a silent comedy about a runaway bride being dragged back to her wedding for the "Confrontation" themed video project. Production value was very low - it was silly and fun - went into detail about my non-film experiences...
  11. S

    Waitlisted (After Interview) AFI Directing

  12. I

    Interviewed AFI - Directing MFA Fall 2021

  13. Average Alex

    Waitlisted (After Interview) AFI Directing

  14. Jack's Lack of Surprise

    Applied AFI - Directing 2021

  15. Borna

    Denied (After Interview) AFI - Directing Fall 2021

  16. ScriptToScreenDream

    AFI Directing 2021-- AFIC Exercise Film

    Hi all, I'm applying to AFI Directing for the first time. There is a component, the AFIC Exercise Film, where you must write and direct a short 5min film on a given topic. This year's topic is Confrontation. I happen to already have written and directed a short film that deals with...
  17. Chris W

    AFI Directing 2020 "A Secret"

    AFI's application info for Directing had been released: Directing applicants are required to submit the following: Submit an example of a moving image project that you have personally directed and that best demonstrates individual talent and ability. You may submit the best 10 continuous...
  18. M

    Applied AFI - Directing 2019

  19. Dean

    AFI - Directing 2019

    have you guys gotten any views on you film yet from AFI? What is their URL supposed to be on Vimeo?
  20. AFI Conservatory

    AFI Conservatory

    First established in 1967, the American Film Institute is world renowned for producing pioneers and trailblazers in the film industry. As a not-for-profit, private graduate film school, the AFI Conservatory teaches multimodal pedagogy in hands-on courses led by industry experts. Film students...

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