afi producing

  1. nvf101

    Looking for associate and executive producer for my AFI thesis film #afi

    Hi everyone 😊 My name is Nicholas, I am an award winning film director from London, UK - and I am currently in my 2nd year on the Directing MFA at The American Film Institute. The film that me and my team are producing is called SOME KIND OF PARADISE, and tells the story of a lonely Arizona...
  2. F

    Accepted to SCA '18 Screenwriting (didn't go) and now AFI '21 Producing. AMA!

    Hi :) lots of writing, blood, sweat, tears, and bicoastal bopping has led me here so figured I'd offer myself up to any Q's. Would be happy to chat 1:1 with anybody, help review any materials, and send mine. A bit about me: I'm a 25 y.o. female who immigrated from Lithuania as a kid. Grew up...
  3. Cody Young

    Interviewed AFI - Producing

  4. J

    AFI Producing - Vision Statement Format

    Hi everyone. I'm applying to the program for Fall 2021 and I'm looking for examples of a vision statement or more information on the format admissions reps are looking for. If anyone has an insight, please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Steven

    AFI Producing 2020

    Hi, it seemed no one has started a thread for AFI producing program for this year yet? March is coming! Hope I can find some mates here! How is it going, everyone!
  6. AFI Conservatory

    AFI Conservatory

    First established in 1967, the American Film Institute is world renowned for producing pioneers and trailblazers in the film industry. As a not-for-profit, private graduate film school, the AFI Conservatory teaches multimodal pedagogy in hands-on courses led by industry experts. Film students...

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