1. J

    Applied AFI Directing - Fall 2024

    Pretty straightforward application. My short took much more time than anticipated. I was done with adding minute changes to edit before the deadline approached. Essays were also straightforward. I have a bachelors and masters degree in engineering and currently working in the US (but applying as...
  2. E

    Current AFI Fellow Ask me anything!

    Ask me anything! Connect on IG: @WillowRStudios
  3. Lin0802

    AFI Conservatory - Cinematography 2024 entry

    Anyone applying? ☺️
  4. W

    Applying both USC and AFI - Is it ok to use the same media sample?

    Hey guys, so I am applying to both USC and AFI for the Fall 2024 semester with an emphasis on directing. I had shot a several short films over the past few years but the one that I am the most satisfied with is a rather longer one (15mins). As I was just looking at USC's media sample...
  5. F

    AFI Conservatory 2024 Directing

    Hi I am Francis and I am applying for AFI directing this year. Nice to meet y'all.
  6. J

    AFI Waitlist Support Group - 2023

    Anybody here on the waitlist for the upcoming AFI 2023 term? If so, have you heard back at all? I've been feeling the perpetual state of purgatory limbo... starting to accept the fact that I won't be getting in :/
  7. M

    Admitted but Not Attending (After Interview) AFI SCREENWRITING - Fall 2023

    I really enjoyed writing the prompt for "another chance." I wrote something really weird and abstract so I guess they are pretty accepting when it comes to topics! I would say I think the interview and your resume are big deciding factors. I intentionally took my interview while I was on set (to...
  8. M

    UCLA vs AFI Screenwriting?

    Does anyone have thoughts as to comparing these two programs? The only difference I can easily gleam is that UCLA is more focused on pure writing while AFI is more hands on. While that is helpful, I would also like to know about - program prestige, usefulness in finding a job, class size, or...
  9. B

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI Screenwriting

    Pretty straight forward. I enjoyed writing the short, prompted script. I ended up using a section of a feature script I had already written for the larger 20 page sample portion. Had a great interview.
  10. This Film School Is the Winner of the Oscars 2023

    This Film School Is the Winner of the Oscars 2023

    Curious about which film schools produced the most winners and nominees at the 95th Academy Awards? We ranked the top 4 film schools at the film industry’s biggest night of the year according to their ratio of Academy Awards nominations to wins and the weight of each category. Plus, find out how...
  11. RJ10

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI Production Design MFA

    Simple application process, although nerve-wracking. Just put together my best collection of works, mostly architectural works as I am an architecture undergrad. Submitted all required materials by Dec 1, 2022. Definitely spent a lot of time on writing the narrative statement, talking about my...
  12. A

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI Editing 2023 - International

    First time applying. An international applicant. I specifically chose to submit films that displayed my technical and narrative use of *editing* in the most creative way with a lot of variety. Everything in my application was focused on expressing myself through the lens of editing (which is...
  13. K

    Waitlisted (After Interview) AFI Directing Fall 2023

    It was ok, AFI doesn't request as much material as other schools, and I believe that's a good thing. I guess I had a pretty good portfolio and what might have taken me down a bit was the interview, in which I was very nervous and guess felt too intimidated haha
  14. P

    Application format for the 2023 cycle for 2024

    Hi, would anyone know when applying to AFI what format the Vision statement requires and do people write the personal statement in the first person POV?
  15. A

    AFI Conservatory 2024 Screenwriting - Let’s do this

    Let’s connect people and I hope we all make it in 2024.
  16. K

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2023

    Little bit (okay, fine—a lot) bummed I didn't get in because this was an application I put a lot of thought and effort into, but I know AFI is stupidly competitive and this is only my first time applying with very limited film experience. As with my USC app, most of my materials were done at the...
  17. E

    How to rank/compare AFI vs Stark vs Columbia producing programs?

    Finances aside, how would you choose between AFI Creative Producing, USC Peter Stark Program and Columbia University Creative Producing?
  18. N

    Denied (After Interview) AFI MFA Screenwriting

    Less admission requirements than USC. one prompt and a straightforward Statement of purpose essay. The interview was good but I messed up because I said I had just gotten used to writing regularly.
  19. nvf101

    Looking for associate and executive producer for my AFI thesis film #afi

    Hi everyone 😊 My name is Nicholas, I am an award winning film director from London, UK - and I am currently in my 2nd year on the Directing MFA at The American Film Institute. The film that me and my team are producing is called SOME KIND OF PARADISE, and tells the story of a lonely Arizona...
  20. BranTheHuman

    Applied AFI, Fall 2023 - Directing

    So far, so good. Like I stated above, I had about two weeks before the deadline to finish up a short film that I wanted to submit, write and shoot a scene based on their prompt, write the narrative statement and other papers, get two letters of recommendation, and get my unofficial transcripts...

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