1. C

    Admitted Off Waitlist AFI - Screenwriting 2020

    Interviewed via Skype. Notify of being on the waitlist 13, March, 2020. Notify of being admitted off wait list, 2, April, 2020.
  2. hkaiser

    Chapman Dodge vs AFI for Production Design

    Last summer, I visited both AFI and Chapman Dodge. I recently got accepted to both of these schools for Production Design. I am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree in New York for Interior Design. I liked AFI for its convenient location of being in Los Angeles, and it also being a...
  3. S

    USC Vs. AFI for Screenwriting

    First, let me preface by saying I fully recognize how fortunate I am to be in the position of having multiple schools, let alone AFI and USC, to choose from. I can honestly say as someone who was teaching themselves how to write scripts via books, podcasts, and reading scripts while applying...
  4. ak47ksha

    AFI Cinematography AMA

    I know this is a super stressful time for applicants deciding between colleges and/or waiting on the waitlist. Now that school is off for two weeks, I have all the time in the world and happy to answer any questions that might help you make up your mind.
  5. Steven

    AFI Producing 2020

    Hi, it seemed no one has started a thread for AFI producing program for this year yet? March is coming! Hope I can find some mates here! How is it going, everyone!
  6. Chris W

    AFI Interview Questions

    Here are some interview questions from this year. Please quote and post others in this thread that you find.
  7. A

    Applied AFI - Directing Fall 2020

  8. Guanqing Lin

    AFI Editing 2020

    Anyone also applied this discipline? I just finished the interview in person yesterday :p
  9. S

    Admitted After Interview AFI - Screenwriting - Fall 2020

    First time applying. Of the three I've submitted so far (still polishing up LMU) this is the one I'm most confident in.
  10. DennisZz

    Denied After Interview AFI - Cinematography 2020

    first time applying
  11. yibokou

    Admitted After Interview AFI MFA Production Design Fall2020

    First time apply. Got admitted!
  12. Chris W

    AFI, Chapman, NYU, FSU, UNCSA, UT Austin Deadlines December 1st

    Who's applying? December 1, 2019 American Film Institute (AFI) - Cinematography American Film Institute (AFI) - Directing American Film Institute (AFI) - Editing American Film Institute (AFI) - Producing American Film Institute (AFI) - Screenwriting Chapman University - Dodge College of Film...
  13. A

    AFI - Should I apply straight out of Undergrad?

    One month left until the AFI deadline, and I'm still conflicted on whether I should apply or not. (If I do, it would be for directing.) I know AFI has a more professional-focused program, and I'm going to be fresh out of undergrad, though I'm doing film in undergrad so I have a few years of...
  14. D

    IELTS score for AFI Conservatory.

    HI, I am a foreign applicant to AFI. I have an Academic IELTS overall 7.0 score, but The Admissions requirements on AFI website are just a little confusing. They say, If English is NOT your country of citizenship’s native language, and you are NOT a U.S. citizen or legal resident of the U.S...
  15. Chris W

    AFI Directing 2020 "A Secret"

    AFI's application info for Directing had been released: Directing applicants are required to submit the following: Submit an example of a moving image project that you have personally directed and that best demonstrates individual talent and ability. You may submit the best 10 continuous...
  16. Chris W

    AFI Screenwriting 2020 "An Encounter"

    It appears their writing prompt this year is "An Encounter": From their site: Screenwriting applicants are required to submit the following: A PDF of a typed screenplay in professional format (20 pages maximum) of which you are the sole screenwriter. If the sample is from a longer script...
  17. Michael86

    AFI Cinematography 2020

    Anyone out there who has started the application process for the Cinematography program fall 2020?
  18. Michael86

    How many applicants are there for the Cinematography course at AFI?

    Does anyone know approximately how many applications AFI receive for the Cinematography course at AFI? And how many of those are picked out for interview?