1. G

    AFI Directing 2013

    Hey all... Since the application deadline has passed, maybe its time to start the annual thread. For those who pplied this year for the Directing program, here's a thread to meet the other applicants and check in to see how everyone is doing. Personally I'd love to see who else applied... I'm...
  2. D

    AFI Previous Experience?

    From the discussions on AFI here, it seems AFI favors directing/production applicants who have good previous experience, on set or from undergrad. I've only got a half completed short in post at the moment, and have no experience otherwise (was an Econ major). What are your thoughts/knowledge...
  3. Z

    Film/Video background for the likes of AFI/Calarts?

    I'm a Graphics Design graduate planning to pursue Film making (and for that applying for MFA/MA in film/tv production). My only concerns is that whether institutes require one to have prior experience in film/television production (like a bachelors in film/video production or a film portfolio)...
  4. TheRealSV

    AFI 2013/2014 Applicants!

    SO the new AFI 2012/2013 application went up online this month! I am so excited to be submitting for the directors discipline!! I have already had a face to face interview with two of the admissions reps and the dean so I am hoping that will help in the overall decision process making in regards...
  5. M

    AFI - Conservatory in Cinematography

    I am in the process of applying for the cinematography Conservatory program at AFI. I have read all over the web that it's extremely hard to get into. I would like to know if there's anyone who could tell me what my chances are of getting admitted. I have an associate in film from another...
  6. B

    AFI question

    So another question. I was looking at their program and about their review after your first year ? I know other schools have this but it seems like a 'check your work, make sure grades are adequate'. The way AFI phrases it though, it seems to me like your position would be in real question. So I...
  7. B

    Is AFI Certificate Worth It?

    I know that AFI only has an MFA program, but you can get a certificate if you don't have a college degree. Is this certificate worth it? Is it just as easy to get work with this as it is with an MFA, or should I go to undergraduate first? Help Please!
  8. E

    AFI or Peter Stark for producing?

    Originally I was only going to apply to Peter Stark, assuming I'd work in LA for a year (I'm moving there August 18) and then if I got in, I'd work and do the program. But someone just recommended I apply to AFI's producing program, and the deadline is surprisingly still open until July 16th...
  9. S

    AFI(Editing) vs ACCD(Broadcast Cinema)

    Can anybody tell me the difference between two? And if I were to plan editing various forms of videos, should I go to AFI or ACCD?
  10. E

    Deciding between AFI & Chapman

    Hello everyone! I have been lurking in the threads about the schools for quite awhile now, and wanted to first say thanks to everyone for all the stories and helpful hints along the way. The reason I am writing now is I have been accepted into both AFI and Chapman in the Producing emphasis. I...
  11. A

    AFI vs. USC

    Figuratively speaking, if you were accepted into Afi's directing program and USC's production program, and money wasn't a factor, where would you attend and why?
  12. A

    AFI 2012 Interviews

    Hey all. Who has heard back from AFI for interviews or who has been? Would love to hear the feedback of how it went or what to expect?
  13. A

    AFI or any film school Interviews

    Hi all. Did anyone hear back from AFI interviews? I would like to know how it went or what to expect.
  14. A

    AFI 2012

    Hey whats up guys and girls I am applying to AFI for directing and it's the only school that I am applying to and I am so pumped and ready for the long process! I plan on sending out my application by the first week of November waiting on my LOR's. What discipline are you guys submitting to?
  15. D

    AFI Application Advice

    I'm applying to AFI for Directing, and wanted to ask if anyone can give me some advice on what they want/looking for/any helpful information. I really know little about what the school is looking for in applicants. I've read a lot on these forums about the usual USC/NYU/UCLA, etc. but recently...
  16. S

    AFI Waitlist

    This is a post for all the AFI wait listed people, to see how many and things regarding that.
  17. I

    UCLA x AFI (cinematography)

    Hello! Can anyone help me decide between an MFA in Cinematography at UCLA or AFI ?!? Any ideas? Thank you very much!
  18. M

    Why AFI (American Film Institute)

    If you attended AFI, applied, or got accepted, I'd like to hear about your experience. Why did you choose AFI? Are you in debt and was it worth it? I heard that it would cost about $120,000 for the two year program at AFI. Is being in debt worth it? If you have gone to AFI or plan on...

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