1. L

    AFI Scholarship for Fall 2021

    Hi guys, first of all Merry Christmas to y'all :) I'm an international student and submitted my application to AFI screenwriting for Fall 2021 and am about to apply for scholarship as well. I have a question. So the question for the AFI scholarship form asks to write down the amount of money...
  2. mayisch.kl

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI - Directing Fall 2021

  3. spencerseye

    Applied AFI - Cinematography Fall 2021

    Since this was my first year applying, I'm a bit nervous. I would say the hardest part was the Narrative Statement as I don't like talking about myself, but it's crucial for the interviewees to get a sense of your personality and who you are as a filmmaker. I reached out to previous applicants...
  4. Jack's Lack of Surprise

    Applied AFI - Directing 2021

  5. M

    Applied AFI 2020 Screenwriting

  6. juliak

    Admitted but Not Attending (After Interview) AFI Cinematography 2021

    deets about interview: They first asked what I know about AFI and about them, next about my work as an assistant (I worked on some projects as 2nd AC). Then they asked about my lighting approach and where I draw my inspiration from, why I applied to AFI and what I hope to get out of it, what...
  7. its_me_mari

    Denied (After Interview) AFI MFA Screenwriting Fall 2021

  8. N

    Applied AFI Directing Fall 2021

  9. Chris W

    American Film Institute (AFI) - Directing Applicants 2021

    Didn't see an AFI directing 2021 thread so thought I'd create one so you can all get in touch. Deadline is December 2nd! How many of you have turned it in? When do you plan on turning it in if you haven't? I highly recommend not waiting to the last moment btw as one year technical...
  10. Cody Young

    Interviewed AFI - Producing

  11. C

    AFI Essay Formatting - Do you think 10 pt font is too small?

    Hello again everyone -- so I'm once again struggling with word limits haha --- for AFI, they say that essays should be exported as PDFs, typed, double spaced. I got my thing on one page but I've stretched the margins to the absolute limit and am at a 10 pt font. The thing is --- I really think...
  12. macieekt

    AFI Directing Narrative statement - Does it have to be in essay format? Or can I experiment with a different approach to the text?

    Hi all! I'm applying to AFI Directing for the first time and have a question regarding the Narrative Statement. Does it have to be in essay format? Or can I experiment with a different approach to the text? If anyone has an insight, please let me know. Thanks!
  13. Jrfuzak

    Applied AFI Directing Fall 2021

  14. N

    AFI Information Session Video

    Hey everyone, I unfortunately had to miss the online Info Sesh for AFI this week due to work, so was wondering if anyone happened to record it and would be willing to share? Or at least, would anyone care to share any vital pieces of info they got from it? Thanks so much!
  15. Millennimum Nemo

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI - Cinematography 2021

  16. Nguyen Hoang Vu

    MFA in Screenwriting - Stony Brook vs. NYFA

    Hi filmmakers, I've got a government scholarship to study MFA in Screenwriting at one of the following schools: AFI, Stony Brook & NYFA. While AFI is clearly my top choice, I still can't decide whether Stony Brook or NYFA should be my second choice. If you're a Screenwriting alumnus/current...
  17. dandaniel

    Help! What film should I apply with?

    Hello! I am from the UK and applying to AFI, NYU and Columbia for film directing. Seeking some help! I have two films I am considering for my visual submission: Web - visually bold and colourful, provocative film about children doing a very gruesome act. It didn't get much awards attention but...
  18. AK006

    Employment opportunities after Graduate Film School

    Hello, fellow members of this amazing community, This is my first post thread here, as I am gearing to apply for schools in 2021. My question is how are the employment opportunities postgraduate especially talking about from prestigious schools like USC, NYU, Chapman, Columbia, AFI etc. I am...
  19. H

    AFI Intellectual Property Agreement concerns

    Hi, I am concerned about the AFI intellectual property agreement. Is anyone else having concerns? Are there any alums who have run into issues, or worked any way out with the school of attaining rights if someone wanted to buy, say, a script? Thanks!
  20. andy001

    FIlm School-The Series: A show that ran on IFC in the early 2000s about NYU students working on their shorts

    Here is the first episode, and the following on 9 of the first and only season are all there as well. Hey all! I heard about this awesome series a while ago, it ran in the early 2000s on IFC when they were super indie and I was pleased to find out every episode of it's one and only season is...

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