1. J

    how old are you guys applying to the NYU Grad Film program? (How important is age?)

    out of curiosity, how old are you guys applying to the NYU Grad Film programme?
  2. K

    Icebreakers How old is everyone? Straight out of undergrad or a few years out?

    i apologize if someone has asked this before and i missed it, but i'm curious how many of y'all are coming straight out of undergrad vs. how many of y'all have had a few years of experience in the industry/doing other things? during my interview, the guy who interviewed me made several comments...
  3. M

    Is it worth to apply for an MFA to US based schools this year?

    I am 28 years old, and already a professional screenwriter in my home country. I always wanted to go to grad school in the States, but because of work and financial constraints, I couldn't make it. I am wondering if I am too old to apply now, because I'll be 29 by the time I go. The whole reason...
  4. WriterK90

    How old are you?

    When I started this process, I researched my chances of getting accepted. Age seemed to be a concern for a lot of people who feel too old or too young. From what I gathered, most MFA programs, at least for screenwriting, average around the upper 20s and low 30s. How old are you and what are you...

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