1. J

    Boston University MFA Screenwriting Current Student AMA

    Hey, I’m in the screenwriting program at BU so if you have some questions I can do my best to answer!
  2. Manwitch

    Current Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - 1st year Student.

    I am currently enrolled at Feirstein. If you have specific questions not available on the website, I might be able to help.
  3. B

    Current NYU Tisch Graduate Film Student - AMA!

    Hi folks, good luck to everyone applying this year. Just wrapped up my first semester. AMA. All in all, amazing experience. I know these next ~2 months can be a waiting game and quite excruciating but take this time to just relax, maybe get a little writing done here and there, wrap up any...
  4. sharkb8

    2nd Year USC School of Cinematic Arts MFA Student, AMA

    Do it. Ask me things. And I will tell you answers. Yup.
  5. divmoh247

    Accepted to UCLA Screenwriting- AMA

    Hi all! I'll be starting my first year at UCLA this fall. I'm sure other UCLA people who already attend can possible answer more program related questions but if you have questions about the application process, your materials or the interview- fire away!
  6. A

    Accepted to UCLA - Cinematography AMA

    I'm accepted by UCLA and starting this fall. So I don't have experience of the program itself yet. I will have more to share once the program starts. During the application cycle I found no thread or discussion about Cinematography program at all and it was a bit frustrating to me. I hope this...
  7. J

    Accepted to USC - Peter Stark AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    I'll be attending the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC this fall. Happy to answer any questions about the application process, so AMA! Best, -Julie
  8. Mike_V

    Chapman Editing Track Graduate - AMA!

    Hit me up. I'll see if I can answer your questions.
  9. Kira

    2nd year MFA Screenwriter @UCLA - AMA!!

    Hey everyone. I'm Kira - a second year screenwriter at UCLA (woah, just like the title says!). I was active on these forums when I applied back in 2017 and a bit throughout 2018. If you have any questions about UCLA, screenwriting, LA, etc... ask me here :) Edit: Also! If you are in town /...
  10. IndecisiveElle

    Current 1st year Chapman Directing MFA student - AMA

    Current 1st year Chapman Directing MFA student - AMA and I'll try to give you the best info I can :)
  11. panda

    Hello! Current USC Film School Writing for Screen and Television (MFA) student here. AMA!

    Hey! Last year, this forum helped me survive the waiting period (soon-to-come for all of you, it's as horrendous as it sounds) and the stress that comes with sending your writing off to people you've never met. I thought I'd come back and host an AMA-style thread if you have any questions...