american university

  1. jn0pe

    American University Film & Media Production MA/MFA 2020

    Just got my MA program acceptance! Anybody else here considering going to American? Apart from one review on this site, I haven't seen too much information about it. I'd also be curious to hear thoughts from anyone who's attended or visited.
  2. Y

    Suffering from Indecision

    What's up fellas. I am at a loss for where to go. I've gained acceptance to 8 schools (American University, Boston University, DePaul, Emerson, Fordham, Syracuse, George Mason & VCU (both are in-state schools) I narrowed down my list to 3: American, Emerson, and Syracuse, although insight into...
  3. Operator

    American University - MFA Film and Electronic Media

    Starting this thread for anyone who is applying to American University in Washington DC. They have an MFA program in Film and Electronic Media. If you apply, the website says you need the GRE, but it hasn't been updated, you don't need it. Deadline is Feb 1st...

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