1. Dahlia Jarcrome

    Feedback on Fulbright essays for MFA in Experimental Animation / Film

    Hello! I am applying for a Fulbright scholarship. I want to pursue an MFA in Experimental Animation and Experimental Film. If some of you would like to give me feedback on my essays, I would really appreciate it. Let me know if I could dm you my documents. Also if you know of more programs...
  2. St4rry

    What are the best film schools that specializes in animation?

    So I wanted to be in film school, specifically I wanted to learn about animation and live action stuff. My dad wanted me to go to college that is 2 hours or less from home. So any film schools from the west coast is out. Only colleges from the northeast. Thank you!
  3. Vicious_Steel

    Attending Chapman - Animation & Visual Effects 2020

    I applied to a grand total of four colleges, Chapman's application was the second most difficult (USC was the hardest) because it asked for a lot of small paragraphs on unique topics and 5 Letters of Rec (which seemed completely ridiculous and I'm still not certain that I didn't do that wrong)...
  4. laooki

    USC Animation and Digital Arts B.A. Fall 2020

    Hey! I'm currently a senior in high school right now, and I was hoping to meet fellow SCA applicants and receive some advice for my application. I've been looking around the internet for SCA animation portfolios, but I can hardly find any that got accepted. I was wondering if anyone was willing...
  5. evearellie

    Attending FSU - Animation and Digital Arts 2019

    I'm applying as a freshman just coming out of high school. Overall my application experience has been wonderful! Gloria's been amazingly helpful, and I was even allowed to submit a supplement a day late when I realized I couldn't get it done in time. The interviews are in person unless you live...
  6. Kathrynegarrido

    Admitted After Interview UNCSA - Filmmaking 2019

    First time applying. Was notified of acceptance via email. Portal does not update upon acceptance. Had to write an essay on campus and read it during the interview. The interview was in person.
  7. A

    Applied SAIC - Film Media Animation

  8. A

    Applied SAIC - Film Media Animation 2017

  9. Bailey

    Applied SAIC - Film Media Animation

  10. H

    Admitted After Interview SAIC - Film Media Animation 2017

    Email from chair
  11. Cecil

    Admitted After Interview SAIC - Film Media Animation 2017

  12. A

    Admitted Without Interview UWM - Film, Video, Animation, & New Genres 2018

    First time applying
  13. Kala

    2018 Animation MFA Applicants

    Hello All! I haven't seen a thread about MFA Animation Applicants for this year so I thought I would start one. I am currently waiting on decisions from the USC DADA MFA program and the UCLA Animation Workshop MFA. Good luck to you all and I can't wait to hear about your results!
  14. Kala

    UCLA Animation Workshop 2017

    I am a current applicant to the UCLA Animation workshop and I still haven't heard back yet. Is there anyone else here that applied to the program? Did any of you get a response from the program? Let me know.
  15. loki lover


    Hey guys- Thought I'd create a thread for anybody applying to USC for Animation 2015. I just submitted my application the 15th for the MFA program. It would be awesome to communicate between each other and see everyone's progression.
  16. L

    help choosing what to study

    I am planning on venturing into the film career field mostly focused on CGI,VISUAL EFFECTS , ANINATION ETC but I cant figure out where to start since I recently finished high school. I was wondering if studying a degree in fine arts majored in digital arts will set me in the right direction to...
  17. kayla

    UCLA Animation MFA 2013

    hey guys it's april 24th and still no news from UCLA Animation MFA admissions! let's share it here if you heard anything. ps: as far as i know, they started announcing the results from mid April in 2012. what's going on this year?!

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