1. 707

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) FSU BFA Animation 2027

    Apply twice to the program. The first time I trusted myself to use the website to upload all my artistic materials, but the second time I applied (when I was accepted), other students advised me to put everything on Google Drive. The committee prefers to review everything in a Google folder, in...
  2. S

    Looking for feedback on USC Cinematic Arts (Animation) Personal Statement!

    Hey there, I'm applying to the animation and digital arts major, and I know it's short notice but I am desperate to run this essay by a few people lol. Any advice or criticism at all is sincerely appreciated. Thank you! “Sami Jan, come on! We’re going to be late to your amoo’s party!” My...
  3. UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (TFT)

    UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (TFT)

    UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television teaches film from a theoretical and technical perspective. In 2021, TheWrap ranked UCLA TFT no. 8 in its annual list of the top 50 film schools. And in 2022, U.S. News & World Report named UCLA the no. 1 public university for the sixth consecutive year...
  4. Tomprez


    Hi, I'm thinking of doing a master in filmmaking looking specificaly for directing or screenwriting. I was thinking about ESCAC in Barcelona but open to hear about other programs. I also studied Animation 4 years so I'm wondering if it's wise to do another degree in cinema. I want to start doing...
  5. C

    Need a theme song for your film?

    Hi there, I am a singer/songwriter/composer/voiceover artist looking for some opportunities to put my skills to work. If you need a special song for your film, I would be excited to try and write something that suits the message and mood that you are looking for! Please reach out to me through...
  6. Wayne State College (BS)

    Wayne State College (BS)

  7. F

    Feedback on USC cinematic arts personal statement?

    I'm applying to the animation and digital arts major. I feel a bit weary about the middle but any type of advice is greatly appreciated. Let me know, thanks. When my dad told me a story about his mother—a woman who took grand steps to further the lives of her children, grandchildren, and...
  8. José Prats

    NFTS - MA Directing Animation - 2022 entry

    Hi there! Anyone applying to Directing Animation at the NFTS? I'm sending my application soon :)
  9. Suyashsp

    Which is Better For 3D Animation?

    NYFA LA Vs Langara CEA, British Columbia. Which one is better for the 3d Animation Diploma/Degree? NYFA LA: Langara CEA:
  10. Dahlia Jarcrome

    Feedback on Fulbright essays for MFA in Experimental Animation / Film

    Hello! I am applying for a Fulbright scholarship. I want to pursue an MFA in Experimental Animation and Experimental Film. If some of you would like to give me feedback on my essays, I would really appreciate it. Let me know if I could dm you my documents. Also if you know of more programs...
  11. St4rry

    What are the best film schools that specializes in animation?

    So I wanted to be in film school, specifically I wanted to learn about animation and live action stuff. My dad wanted me to go to college that is 2 hours or less from home. So any film schools from the west coast is out. Only colleges from the northeast. Thank you!
  12. Vicious_Steel

    Attending (Admitted w/o Interview) Chapman - Animation & Visual Effects 2020

    I applied to a grand total of four colleges, Chapman's application was the second most difficult (USC was the hardest) because it asked for a lot of small paragraphs on unique topics and 5 Letters of Rec (which seemed completely ridiculous and I'm still not certain that I didn't do that wrong)...
  13. laooki

    USC Animation and Digital Arts B.A. Fall 2020

    Hey! I'm currently a senior in high school right now, and I was hoping to meet fellow SCA applicants and receive some advice for my application. I've been looking around the internet for SCA animation portfolios, but I can hardly find any that got accepted. I was wondering if anyone was willing...
  14. evearellie

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) FSU - Animation and Digital Arts 2019

    I'm applying as a freshman just coming out of high school. Overall my application experience has been wonderful! Gloria's been amazingly helpful, and I was even allowed to submit a supplement a day late when I realized I couldn't get it done in time. (Update 3/18/2021: Gloria has left and her...
  15. Kathrynegarrido

    Admitted (After Interview) UNCSA - Filmmaking 2019

    First time applying. Was notified of acceptance via email. Portal does not update upon acceptance. Had to write an essay on campus and read it during the interview. The interview was in person.
  16. A

    Applied SAIC - Film Media Animation

  17. A

    Applied SAIC - Film Media Animation 2017

  18. Bailey

    Applied SAIC - Film Media Animation

  19. H

    Admitted (After Interview) SAIC - Film Media Animation 2017

    Email from chair
  20. Cecil

    Admitted (After Interview) SAIC - Film Media Animation 2017


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