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  1. Chris W

    What's the one thing you wish you knew before applying to film school? What would you have done differently in your application?

    For those that've applied... what's the one thing you wish you knew when applying? What would you have changed or done differently in your application if you did it again? People's responses to this could be very helpful to future applicants! From what I've heard and read from interviews...
  2. How to Get Into NFTS, the #1 International Film School: Exclusive Advice From the Admissions Department (Part 2)

    How to Get Into NFTS, the #1 International Film School: Exclusive Advice From the Admissions Department (Part 2)

    Exclusively for our Supporting Members, this is the second part of our 2 hour interview with the NFTS Admissions team. is 100% advertisement free so without our Supporting Members, in-depth articles and interviews like this one would not be possible. Supporting Members also...
  3. How to Get Into NFTS, the #1 International Film School: Exclusive Advice From the Admissions Department (Part 1)

    How to Get Into NFTS, the #1 International Film School: Exclusive Advice From the Admissions Department (Part 1)

    There is no other film school in the United Kingdom more notable than the National Film and Television School (NFTS), an institution renowned for producing high-profile industry players and Oscar winners since 1971. Based in Beaconsfield, a short 25 minute train journey from central London...
  4. S

    USC Film & TV Production BFA Fall 2022

    Hey everyone! I'm currently in the process of applying to USC SCA film/tv production as a senior in high school. If anyone has any tips or doesn't mind sharing their work that got them into the program as well, it'd be greatly appreciated! I'd also love to reach out to any seniors applying this...
  5. A

    UCLA Extension Certificate Program for Directing?

    Hi everyone! I am an International Student and sorting out the options for Fall/Spring 2022. So, I've come across the UCLA Extension Certificate Program for directing, but I have no clue or any reviews/insights about it. So, if anyone who knows about a few insights or ideas would be very helpful...
  6. F

    Can I act in my film submission?

    Especially with COVID and just not having many friends in general, I’m kind of limited on actors. Can I be featured in it? Is that allowed for me to still produce and direct it but also be a lead actor? There’s only like 2-3 actors that occur in the film.
  7. C

    Is UCLA TFT Good or Bad?

    So here’s my story- I applied as a freshman undergrad to UCLA TFT for screenwriting/production. I did some research on UCLA’s film program during the summer, but couldn’t find anything specific. I also found some negative articles that warned me against the program. However, TFT is still at #2...
  8. A

    Visual Component Question

    Hi, I have a question about the photography or videography portions of applications. Does a select group of photographs or video have to be done on a legit camera or can one apply with camera phone pictures/video (of course they'd be the best possible samples and not sporadic shots of dogs or...
  9. q64

    Question regarding application to grad school at the same university as undergrad study

    Hello all. Long time lurker. I am interested in applying to USC SCA production program for BFA degree. After I complete my undergrad, I am interested in pursuing MFA in production at USC SCA. But according to an alumni, this is heavily discouraged because preference is given to applicants...
  10. Smeist

    Thinking about film school .... can I get in? Where do I start?

    Hi everyone! I’m just getting into the research of grad programs & applications for film schools. If all of my dreams were to come true, I’d be in the M.A cinema studies program at Tisch starting spring 2022. I know that learning more about film & screenwriting is the only way I’ll be able to do...
  11. H

    NYU Grad Film Fall 2021 -- Commercial as visual submission?

    Hi! So, I'm completely new to film. Taking a risk and applying to the grad program after 8 years in advertising as a copywriter. There's one national TV commercial (director's cut is over a minute long) I'm considering using as my visual submission but is that completely lame? The spot itself...
  12. After Three Years of Rejection, I Got Into The Two Best Film Schools in The World. Here Are The Five Things I Learned...

    After Three Years of Rejection, I Got Into The Two Best Film Schools in The World. Here Are The Five Things I Learned...’re applying for film school, huh? I mean, that’s just my assumption. Not sure why you would bother reading this otherwise, especially with where we are currently in The Cycle of Applications. These next couple weeks are pretty much when all the major film school programs have their...
  13. S

    Toronto Film School vs Vancouver Film School for Cinematography or Directing

    Hello, I'm looking to get a diploma in "Film Production". I'd like to become a cinematographer and hopefully director one day. Currently, I can either apply to Toronto Film School or Vancouver Film School for a diploma in film production. If anyone has any sort of experience with either of...
  14. rainydays

    Filming During Covid-19? Not Enough Family Members to be Actors. 2021 Film Production MFA Applications

    Hi everyone! I have a bit of a bizarre question. I'm applying for various film production MFA programs (USC, NYU, Columbia, Chapman, LMU) and as a result need to film content for their applications. Do people think the people reviewing my applications will judge me harshly for having only a...
  15. C

    Little film experience, seeking help with MFA in Production/Directing Fall 2021 applications to UCLA & FSU

    Hi everyone! I'm a Wyoming native, about to get my BFA in Theatre, conc. Acting. I'm seeking advice for resumes and portfolios for the MFA at FSU and UCLA in Production and Production/Directing respectively. Since I grew up in Wyoming, I don't have much film experience and I'm not sure how...
  16. E

    Rising Senior applying for Fall 2021

    Hey! I'm currently a rising senior in high school who is looking to apply to film colleges for Fall of 2021. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice/share their experiences with applying to and attending film colleges for a BA/BFA. Colleges don't seem to want to share their points of...
  17. A

    Who to ask for references?

    So this is a bit of a weird questions but some background, I'm from the UK and am in my final year of undergrad (English lit) and looking at doing an MA/MFA in screenwriting next year. Realistically I'll probably end up somewhere in the UK (LFS, Goldsmiths & MetFilm are on the list) but if I had...
  18. KeyBrosCo

    Creative Portfolio/Copyright questions

    I'm planning on applying to multiple grad programs for production and they of course require visual portfolios. A lot of my "good" material is music videos to copyright, big-name songs. I believe that they show off my production/editing skills, which is what I'm assuming film schools are looking...
  19. Z

    Asking for critique for 2021 USC SCA production MFA application

    Hi everybody. Hope everyone is well during the pandemic. My name is Peter and I'm applying for usc sca's mfa production spring admission. I finished the first draft of my PS and if anyone is interested to give a critique, please do! :D
  20. L

    Help with Statement of Purpose (UCLA Screenwriting Professional Program)

    Hello, I have been working on my statement of purpose for the UCLA Screenwriting Professional Program and would love whatever feedback could be offered. It is supposed to be a page long. I will also be applying for an MFA in screenwriting + filmmaking this fall, and will be using this letter as...

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