1. cheeeese3cake

    UCLA MFA Directing/Production Fall 2022

    I didn't see a thread for UCLA MFA directing/production for entry in next fall? so i took the initiative to create one :) Who is applying? How's everyone's portfolio going? We have 40days left until deadline! Let's go everyone!
  2. Boethius

    Columbia University Directing/Screenwriting MFA -- 2021 Graduate -- AMA

    Hello, hopeful film school applicants. This site was my top go-to as I applied to film schools five years ago, and I know how anxiety-inducing the application process can be. I graduated this spring and still believe Columbia was the best choice for me. Please feel free to ask questions about...
  3. S

    How beneficial can good grades be?

    I will be applying to lmu, chapman, usc and maybe a few others next year and i'd say my grades are my strongest part of the application (4.0 and 35 act). How much will these stats help me in the application process?
  4. Chris W

    Decision Day 2021 - March 15th!!

    A lot of decisions rolling in today! And a ton of members online! Congrats everyone!!!! To those that didn't get in don't give up and try and remember it's not personal and applying many times before getting in is quite normal. Be sure to update your Applications in our database whether you...
  5. Vicky H

    LMU Film and Television Production-Fall 2021

    Does anyone know that if LMU accepts students without interview? Haven't hear anything back from it and being anxious now.
  6. X

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) UGA MFA Film, Television, and Digital Media

    First time applying. Submitted my application the day of the deadline. I also submitted a short film I did cinematography for, a film reel, and a 20-page screenplay.
  7. q64

    Any recommendation for college consultant?

    For those who hired a consultant to proofread your essays and help you fill out Common App, how would you say the experience was?
  8. H

    Is it normal for NYU Grad to haven't viewed your application yet? At this time???

    I followed the advice on the forum and checked my vimeo stats to see whether have anyone viewed my materials. But since the interviews invitations are coming out Feb 10th, I'm a little panicked as no one has watched my short film yet. Is it normal? They are just taking it slow? Or it means I...
  9. T

    Waitlisted (After Interview) USC Film Production MFA

    Application: I tried to show diversity in my pieces. Video submission was bright and hopeful and happy. Writing piece was dark, suspenseful, dramatic, and the essay was hardly about film at all, but my outside experiences.
  10. K

    Applied UT Austin MFA - Screenwriting

  11. A

    Visual Component Question

    Hi, I have a question about the photography or videography portions of applications. Does a select group of photographs or video have to be done on a legit camera or can one apply with camera phone pictures/video (of course they'd be the best possible samples and not sporadic shots of dogs or...
  12. A

    Is the Minimum GPA a serious requirement?

    Hi all, A couple of schools I'm looking at (UCLA and CUNY City College) require a 3.0 GPA. Are these serious requirements for them? I don't see it at other schools. Thanks
  13. B

    Urgent question over recommendation letter for CalArts

    Hey guys! I am finishing my application for the directing MFA program in CalArts and I am having some difficulties finding the option of waiving my right to view the letter or not. I am wondering if CalArts offered that option or not? If yes, does anyone have any clues where the option...
  14. rb21

    Waitlisted (After Interview) LMU - Film and Television Production

  15. denis.bct

    AFI 2021 Application - Narrative Statement formatting

    Hello ! I am currently applying to AFI Producing MFA. As a French applicant, I am not familiar with American application statements, so I just had a very basic question about AFI's Narrative Statement formatting. Do you think it is expected to use a "Dear madam, dear Sir /.../ Yours...
  16. C

    Waive the right to access recommendation letters or not?

    hi friend, When I logged in to the LMU application system looking at the recommendation section, I was wondering should we choose to waive the right to view the recommendation letters? I am confused why do they make us to choose, what's the difference? Under the 1974 Family Educational Rights...
  17. A

    USC Film & TV Production MFA Fall 2021 Applicants Unite!

    It's an unprecedented time to apply for film schools in LA but here we are, friends. Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to agonizing and swapping essays together :)
  18. alek

    Columbia Visual Exercise - Can it only be one scene and location?

    For this year's Columbia MFA application, the visual exercise is described as a "2-person SILENT SCENE (no dialogue), between one and two minutes long, which deals with the idea of 'COMING TOGETHER'." I keep going back and forth on whether this means that it must be a scene in the strictest...
  19. dandaniel

    Help! What film should I apply with?

    Hello! I am from the UK and applying to AFI, NYU and Columbia for film directing. Seeking some help! I have two films I am considering for my visual submission: Web - visually bold and colourful, provocative film about children doing a very gruesome act. It didn't get much awards attention but...
  20. rainydays

    Do I Need Different Genres for Creative Materials (Personal Statement, Video Submission, Feature Film Concept)? USC Film and Television Production

    Hi everyone! I'm working on applying to USC's Film and Television Production program, and I was wondering if I need to make sure all my creative materials focus on different genres? Any advice would be much appreciated!

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