1. Chris W

    Post your Film School video application here

    I'm interested to see the portfolio videos and/or photos that everyone submitted to their respective films schools for their application. I'm sure the other forum members would love it too. While I can't find the footage I used for my application... here's the link to the short doc that I...
  2. TheArsenal1886

    2014 Application Process Debrief

    Since the application process is starting to finally wind down this year, I'm interested in hearing from people who have endured the process this time around and wouldn't mind sharing a bit about how they feel afterwards. I think it would be interesting to hear the things everybody is glad...
  3. C

    Trouble Logging In to AFI Application

    Hey everyone! Has anyone else had trouble logging in to AFI's online application AFTER submitting? I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen or if there is an error. I wanted to check in on my letters of recommendation status, but I'm getting this error message: The system was unable to...
  4. C

    What should I use for my visual samples?

    Hey there! I'm in the process off applying to directing programs at AFI, USC, NYU, and Columbia for Fall 2014, and I'm trying to figure out which of my projects to feature and in what order I should place them on my visual sample. I know that narrative films are always preferred over music...
  5. T

    NFTS - The best choice for a film to submit?

    Hi all, I am currently on my 3rd year of my Bachelors and I am planning to apply for Directing Fiction at the NFTS entering in 2015. Right now I am starting developing my graduation film which actually will be the one I will send as part of my application. My concern is what kind of film...
  6. I

    application sample pages for screenwriting

    so most schools are asking you to write a scene (sometimes about two people meeting in an elevator and sometimes two people in a room etc etc) Has anyone done this for his/her school application that you'd like to share? It would be so great to see the quality of what other students have done...
  7. Molly

    Applying for a MFA and the world beyond: writing/directing

    Hello, I am planning on applying to various film schools for my MFA. I have some questions regarding the whole process as it will be my first time ever foraying into competitive admissions. (Luckily, I got an easy free ride for undergrad as my dad works at the university and I had a 4.0 high...
  8. B

    NFTS Cinematography MA 2014

    Anyone else applied for the NFTS for the January 2014 intake? Specifically the cinematography course? Just wondering if anyone's heard back yet? Cheers.

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