1. J

    BA and MFA difference?

    I was just wondering what are the differences between film undergrad and grad studies, more towards USC. I already have an undergrad degree from the UK in a different subject and I'm trying to decide on wether to get another Bachelor degree or a Masters. Both of the courses are very similar on...
  2. S

    Where should I go to Film School for Undergrad?

    Trying to decide among my final 4 for film production DePaul Syracuse Rutgers University of Arizona I like each for different reasons, so if anyone has particular knowledge of these institutions, specially regarding the learning environment, quality of their production program and facilities...
  3. K

    FREAKING OUT Legit advice needed

    Hi folks, I have a question to ask. I have a bachelor's degree ( 4 years ) in science totally unrelated to film. I have decided to step my foot in filmmaking. My question to you guys is- should I apply for mfa film or bfa film or ba in something else like english, philosophy etc and then go for...
  4. K

    FREAKING OUT Urgent help needed

    Hey guys, I'm an international student from India. I'm looking for colleges that can still accept applications. To tell you my background, I'm 22 studied electrical engineering but lost interest in it. I'm an absolute beginner to the realm of filmmaking. Although, I do have some writing...
  5. K

    FREAKING OUT Urgent advice needed

    Hey guys, I'm an international student from India. Recently, I've finished my bachelor's in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I'm now trying to change my field to directing. But the problem is I want to apply for programs in USA specefically but for them you need Bonafide expeirence. Should...
  6. K

    Urgent need for an advice

    I'm looking to apply for Mfa film production / filmmaking programs. My predominant aim is to become a director. I have a background in stem degree in film engineering but no real background in creating short films or creative portfolios . My first question is - do I need to apply for bfa...
  7. K

    Need some Bonafide advice

    Hey guys, I'm from India. I need some genuine guidance in the matter of college application. To give you my background, I'm 22, graduate with degree in film engineering and electrical science with a minor in drama and public speaking. I've recently made up my mind to become a filmmaker. In...
  8. Q

    USC Admissions Webinar

    Greetings, My name is Victoria and I would like to invite you all to attend the African American Cinema Society (AACS)'s admissions webinar for USC's School of Cinematic Arts. This webinar has been designed by current graduate and undergraduate students across the various divisions at SCA. We...
  9. Chris W

    Did you go to Undergrad for film? If so... Why get a film MFA also?

    I've noticed over the years that there's a large percentage of people who went to Undergrad film school who are also applying to grad school for film? I'm wondering what are your reasons? More connections? More time to hone craft? Undergrad school wasn't good? Want to learn more? I'm...
  10. oliviaaa

    Admitted (w/o Interview) NYU - Dramatic Writing 2020

  11. Montclair State University BFA in Filmmaking

    Montclair State University BFA in Filmmaking

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Filmmaking encourages and equips students to realize their artistic and career visions through observation, imagination, storytelling, and technical skills. Courses in directing, editing, cinematography, screenwriting and production prepare you to produce...
  12. evearellie

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) FSU - Animation and Digital Arts 2019

    I'm applying as a freshman just coming out of high school. Overall my application experience has been wonderful! Gloria's been amazingly helpful, and I was even allowed to submit a supplement a day late when I realized I couldn't get it done in time. (Update 3/18/2021: Gloria has left and her...
  13. Shmorca

    MFA or BFA?

    Hello! I'm Maia, a sixteen year old sophomore in high school and am interested in the film industry. I am for sure very new to all of this, but I was wondering-- is it more valuable or beneficial to get an MFA, or focus on BFA, since I still have that as an opportunity? I'm not sure what...
  14. HowNowHoratio

    URGENT: Ryerson vs. Sheridan: Which one should I choose?

    I'm a first time poster here, and I really hope I'm doing this right! I have been accepted to Ryerson University's (BFA) Film program, as well as Sheridan College's (BFA) film program, and while I may have initially had my heart set on Ryerson, I'm not so sure anymore. I'm being absolutely torn...
  15. realsidt

    Introductions greetings from a very confused boy.

    Hey! I will try to keep this introduction short but all in all I am an international student (applying from India!) applying to the US, Canada and maybe UK and Prague for film school. I also happen to be very confused about where to apply, whether XYZ school is better, which schools are good...
  16. Ohio University School of Film

    Ohio University School of Film

    The Ohio University School of Film is dedicated to providing an educational environment of creativity, diversity and excellence in which talented, motivated and disciplined students can examine and develop the art and craft of the motion picture as an art form, educational tool and a dynamic...

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