1. llueve

    Chapman MFA Screenwriting 2021 - Application Questions

    Thought I'd start a thread for any and all Chapman MFA Screenwriting application questions. My first question is about the Narrative Scene requirement. The prompt reads: "Write a compelling dramatic scene based on this scenario: Two people who are close experience a sudden calamity that...
  2. Chapman University - Dodge College MFA in Documentary Filmmaking

    Chapman University - Dodge College MFA in Documentary Filmmaking

    The two-year MFA in Documentary Filmmaking is a program that is uniquely focused on documentary storytelling. In this program you will gain hands-on production experience, learn about the history and aesthetics of the documentary form, study documentary genres, and learn how to develop...
  3. Chapman University - Dodge College MBA/MFA in Film and TV Producing

    Chapman University - Dodge College MBA/MFA in Film and TV Producing

    Offered in conjunction with Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and the Argyros School of Business and Economics, the three-year MBA/MFA. in Film and Television Producing is designed for people who seek management or executive level positions at production companies, talent...
  4. Chapman University - Dodge College MFA in Television Writing and Producing

    Chapman University - Dodge College MFA in Television Writing and Producing

    The small screen has become big—in fact, it’s huge, in terms of the opportunities open to the next generation of television writers and producers. From multi-episode shows available for streaming/binge watching, to innovative “concept” shows that vary from season-to-season around a theme or...
  5. Chapman University - Dodge College MFA in Screenwriting

    Chapman University - Dodge College MFA in Screenwriting

    The 2-year MFA in Screenwriting is an intensive program designed to encourage the development of your unique storytelling voice through the exploration of the intricacies of story structure and character development. Working under the mentorship of industry active screenwriters, you’ll learn to...
  6. Chapman University - Dodge College MFA in Production Design

    Chapman University - Dodge College MFA in Production Design

    The MFA in Production Design is an intensive hands-on two-year program designed to equip production designers with the latest conceptual and practical skills needed to succeed and thrive as professional designers in the film and television industry.
  7. Chapman University - Dodge College MFA in Film and TV Producing

    Chapman University - Dodge College MFA in Film and TV Producing

    The two-year MFA in Film and Television Producing is a mentoring-focused, hands-on program that explores all aspects of film producing including both the business and creative dimensions. During your first year you will get a foundation in producing and learn the best practices in the industry...
  8. Chapman University - Dodge College MA in Film Studies

    Chapman University - Dodge College MA in Film Studies

    In the two-year M.A. Film Studies program, students take courses that establish the key academic methods in the fields of film and media studies, with the opportunity to personalize their degree with a choice of electives. In the second year, students work with faculty to write their Master’s...
  9. rainydays

    Difference Between Chapman's MFA in Film Production and Film/TV Producing?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently working on film school MFA applications, and I came across Chapman's MFA's in Film Production and Film/TV Producing. Does anyone know what the difference is between these two?
  10. pkring

    Chapman Production Design - Creative Resume Examples?

    Hey there, I'm considering applying to the production design MFA, but I'm feeling a bit confused about what to include on my creative resume. I have not worked in TV/Film besides two PA gigs. My educational background is in fine art (printmaking, painting, public art), and design at a liberal...
  11. R

    Chapman Production Design MFA: Wait and reapply?

    I just got accepted into Chapman after being waitlisted, but now I’m second guessing whether I should attend. My grades were low, I was disappointed in my portfolio, then the virus hit and I just knew I wouldn’t get in. So, I stopped financially preparing for the move and I started a second...
  12. AK006

    Employment opportunities after Graduate Film School

    Hello, fellow members of this amazing community, This is my first post thread here, as I am gearing to apply for schools in 2021. My question is how are the employment opportunities postgraduate especially talking about from prestigious schools like USC, NYU, Chapman, Columbia, AFI etc. I am...
  13. ElleGee

    Current Chapman TV Writing & Producing Student - AMA!

    Hi everyone! I just completed my first year in Chapman’s TV Writing & Producing program! Just wanted to lend a helping hand or offer any insight or advice if anyone had any questions about the program, the online transition, or just what it’s like here in the OC. Hit me up! :)
  14. C

    Chapman MFA Screenwriter Procrastinating on Turning in their Feature AMA

    This is my last day, of my first year in the program. Ask me anything you want, even if it's not school related. I promise not to use the word unprecedented.
  15. jn0pe

    Chapman (Editing) vs FSU

    Hi! I'm trying to decide between film production MFA programs. I was accepted into Chapman's program in the editing emphasis track, and the other place I've narrowed my options down to is FSU. I don't really have much filmmaking experience, but I am interested in both editing and directing. From...
  16. sevs

    Which is the better kind of MFA Production program in your opinion? "Auteur-centric" or "team-based"?

    Of the MFA Production programs I'm more familiar with, I've noticed a lot of them can be filed into one of the two above-described categories. "Auteur-centric" programs that seem to focus more on helping you develop your individual voice as a storyteller include UCLA, UT Austin, Columbia, and...
  17. F

    Help! Chapman v. LMU

    Hello, I got accepted to Chapman Dodge Film Program, and am currently waitlisted at LMU Film School. If I get accepted into LMU, which school would you recommend from the 2 and why? As background, I am passionate in film, but I would also like to supplement this with a dual degree in marketing/...
  18. oliviaaa

    Chapman Screenwriting vs. NYU Dramatic Writing?

    I got accepted into both Screenwriting at Chapman University and Dramatic Writing at NYU (yay!) but I'm super torn between the two. I'm leaning towards NYU because of their great reputation in the industry, large alumni network, and location in a city I love BUT Chapman has a great film school...
  19. D

    Chapman University Production Design or Syracuse Television, Radio, and Film

    I got accepted to Chapman University Production Design graduate program for Fall 2020 and Syracuse Newhouse School's Television, Radio, and Film Program. I'm not sure which I should go to. Syracuse is more affordable and still has a great program, but I don't know if spending almost double for...
  20. charlottehuang

    Which school focuses on making indie films?/ Chapman MFA

    Hello guys, I applied plenty of schools this year but I’m only accepted by Chapman University (MFA in directing) which I know is a comparatively new schools among others. The main concern is that I’m more interested in indie films than commercial ones. I am thinking about reapply this year, but...

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