1. L

    Waitlisted (w/o Interview) Chapman Cinematography MFA - Fall 2024

    I submitted a complete five-minute short film but did not include a reel. Although I did not meet Chapman's IELTS requirement of 7.5, I still made it onto the waitlist, which was a pleasant surprise! However, I ultimately decided to withdraw from Chapman's waitlist as I received an offer from AFI.
  2. K

    Chapman & SCAD Production Design Fall2024

    Hi everyone, I applied to two schools for production design at Chapman and SCAD, and got into both. I am still deciding which one to go to. Due to being the first person in my family to study abroad, I am still unsure about a lot of things. I want to ask, if it were you, how would you choose? I...
  3. H

    Denied (w/o Interview) Chapman Directing Emphasis MFA in Film Production

    Chapman gave me flexibility in choosing number of minutes or videos in the submission. Everything else’s the same as every other application. I still haven’t heard from them. They made the programme into a two year course which got me more excited now than before.
  4. PikaChooChoo

    Should I Go To Chapman Film School?

    Hello, I have applied to Chapman University for a MFA in Film Production with an emphasis in editing, and I am having a hard time figuring out whether or not going to Chapman University, or even going to film school in general is worth it. I would like some advice from people here, and I have a...
  5. HannahLSam

    Admitted but Not Attending (w/o Interview) Chapman MFA - Cinematography Emphasis (Fall 2024)

    Application process went well! It’s quick and concise for everything that’s required of you to submit. Probably the least extensive of all the applications I’ve done.
  6. smatney33

    Waitlisted (w/o Interview) Chapman - 2024 MFA Film Production (Directing Emphasis)

    I thought the application process was relatively straightforward, although they required a lot of materials so I would recommend starting early. The video essay was a little daunting at first but I was really happy with the final product. I would recommend going on YouTube and searching for...
  7. S

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Chapman University Film & TV vs Creative Producing Undergrad

    Application for film schools is not for the faint of heart. A lot of work, time management, and creative thinking are needed to complete as well as stamina and persistence. Fall 2024 application season was the first time Chapman required a full creative supplement compared to other years where...
  8. L

    Denied (w/o Interview) Chapman University MFA in Film Production with Cinematography Emphasis | Fall 2024

    The application was very straightforward. I was already working on my resume, sop, challenging essay, and portfolio list over the summer. The dilemma was not having a cinematography reel. I only had three films, and I was thankful to be put on as DP for two more and took me over a week to...
  9. N

    Chapman Capstone Short Film

    Hi, I am applying to Chapman. I have a question about this prompt: All Directing students are required to direct a capstone project. In no more than 200 words, provide a synopsis for an original story for a thesis film that would run approximately 10-15 minutes in length. It should be your...
  10. DJPorras89

    The Brave and the Bold

    Hello all! My name is Dave and I am currently pursuing graduate studies in Film Production. Like some of you on here, my path to filmmaking was not the most traditional. I had previously attended Colorado State University - Pueblo straight out of high school but a personal tragedy prompted me to...
  11. J

    Film and Television Production BFA at Chapman or USC

    Hello! I got accepted into both Chapman (fall 2023) and USC (spring 2024) for film and television production which is something I am beyond grateful for! I am very torn to which school I should attend and I thought I would ask you all for any advice you might have on the topic. Due to financial...
  12. 10 Best Film Schools in California for Undergraduates

    10 Best Film Schools in California for Undergraduates

    California is the top destination for most undergraduate film students. Home to several of the top-ranked film schools in the country and unparalleled internships opportunities, the Golden State is arguably the best place for filmmakers to start their careers. Although most of these institutions...
  13. K

    Admitted but Not Attending (w/o Interview) Chapman Directing MFA Fall 2023

    Chapman's application process was the one that required the most materials from the applicants. At the same time, I think it helps to give them an insight and deep understanding of the applicants, it resulted in an honestly quite exhausting process, but that was worth it.
  14. Chapman Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2023

    Admitted (After Interview) Chapman Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2023

    This was my first time applying! As with all my other applications, the first half of my 20-page writing sample was the only thing I had prepared beforehand. Got the interview notification email at 10:18 a.m. on Feb 22nd and I (fool that I am) panicked when I saw that only the next day (23rd)...
  15. S

    Admitted (After Interview) Chapman Screenwriting MFA 2023

    This was one of the first applications I completed. It may actually have been the first, as I missed the deadline for the November schools (AFI, USC, UCLA). I don't remember anything particularly difficult about it. They want an essay on a "transformational moment" in your life. This request is...
  16. Alan Bye (Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts G'21) Broke Into Children's Animation Writing

    Alan Bye (Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts G'21) Broke Into Children's Animation Writing

    From early childhood, Alan Bye (@alanray) knew that he would end up working in film; it was integral to his passions and way of life. Bye received his BA in Theory and Practice of Cinema with a specialization in Screenwriting from California State University Long Beach in 2019. After applying to...
  17. EricVilla

    How to Succeed at Chapman's Film School

    This is an article from our weekly newsletter at, where we feature recently produced student films and insights on building creative careers. Head to to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to hear these students' stories. -- From YouTube to Festival Circuits...
  18. GimmeCroissants

    Denied (w/o Interview) Chapman - Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2023

    First time applying. Generic enough, in some ways, that I was able to use application materials I used for other schools. Yay! How considerate of them.
  19. K

    Chapman Fall 2023 All MFA Programs

    Starting this thread for community and questions as we play the waiting game. There doesn't seem to be many of us Chapman folks so this thread is for applicants to all of the MFA programs in the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. I think someone did create one specifically for applicants to...

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