1. ak47ksha

    AFI Cinematography AMA

    I know this is a super stressful time for applicants deciding between colleges and/or waiting on the waitlist. Now that school is off for two weeks, I have all the time in the world and happy to answer any questions that might help you make up your mind.
  2. B

    Admitted Without Interview Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema - Cinematography

    Accepted without interview. First time applying.
  3. OzymandiasVII

    Denied Without Interview CalArts - Directing/Film Production MFA FALL 2020

    Attached a link to my visual sample for everyone below GPA not calculated IELTS 7.5
  4. L

    Waitlisted After Interview AFI Cinematography Fall 2020

    Submitted it literally 5 minutes before midnight? should never do it again. AFI is really my No.1 dream school. (finger crossed
  5. DennisZz

    Denied After Interview AFI - Cinematography 2020

    first time applying
  6. Michael86

    Admitted After Interview AFI CINEMATOGRAPHY FALL 2020

    First time applying! Looking forward to the process!
  7. Ep317

    MFA Film Photo Option for Visual Submission - USC / NYU / UCLA

    Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of applying for the MFA Film program, specifically the cinematography program at USC, NYU, and UCLA. Each school gives the option of submitting a Video or Photo visual sample. I have been doing photography full time for the past couple of years...
  8. Asheville School of Film offers Part-time, Evening, and Weekend Workshops

    Asheville School of Film offers Part-time, Evening, and Weekend Workshops

    The Asheville School of Film is the ideal place for locals and those seeking a supportive community to learn filmmaking, or to hone areas of the filmmaking craft. We are lucky to have a growing film industry in the Southeast and hope to provide a foundation for interested youth and second career...
  9. Michael86

    AFI Cinematography 2020

    Anyone out there who has started the application process for the Cinematography program fall 2020?
  10. E

    Accepted to AFI - Cinematography AMA

    I am starting the program this August. If you guys have any questions about the application process let me know!
  11. A

    Accepted to UCLA - Cinematography AMA

    I'm accepted by UCLA and starting this fall. So I don't have experience of the program itself yet. I will have more to share once the program starts. During the application cycle I found no thread or discussion about Cinematography program at all and it was a bit frustrating to me. I hope this...
  12. E

    Admitted Without Interview ART CENTER FALL 2019

    I committed to Art Center College of Design as a film production major! I wish I knew about this website earlier.
  13. Norbert Varjasi

    Applied NFTS Cinematography 2020