1. G

    Admitted (After Interview) USC Production - Fall 2024 Transfer Student

    First time applying to a competitive film program like SCA. I studied film for two years at a four year public university and got a lot of film experience (mostly through personal projects) but also worked on thesis films. I was really surprised to get into SCA after being rejected from LMU's...
  2. TalLazar

    Going to film school at the age of AI

    Hello everyone, My name is Tal Lazar. I am a cinematographer and educator. I have taught at the American Film Institute Conservatory for 7 years and currently teaching for Columbia University School of the Art film program, as well as other film schools and programs. I have participated in...
  3. L

    Waitlisted (w/o Interview) Chapman Cinematography MFA - Fall 2024

    I submitted a complete five-minute short film but did not include a reel. Although I did not meet Chapman's IELTS requirement of 7.5, I still made it onto the waitlist, which was a pleasant surprise! However, I ultimately decided to withdraw from Chapman's waitlist as I received an offer from AFI.
  4. m_w

    Columbia College Chicago vs Ohio University

    Hi all, I'm considering both these universities mostly because of the financial aid/scholarships they've offered. I'm interested in cinematography, and that's what I want to pursue after graduation. Both the programs look great. CCC focuses more on Directing but is in Chicago and has a better...
  5. S

    Advice: Met Film - MA Cinematography or FAMU 1 year intensive Cinematography program?

    I am looking for a course that's totally concentrated on cinematography and I need some advice on which to go for between Met Film - MA Cinematography or FAMU 1 year intensive Cinematography program? I haven't seen much review here on either so I was wondering if anyone here has some experience...
  6. E

    I need some advice:Study in China or Study Abroad?

    Hi,guys.I am a student from China. I am interested in the whole process of filmmaking, but I mainly want to learn cinematography. I'm now torn between whether I should study abroad for an MFA (US, UK) or stay in China to prepare for my postgraduate exams. (Beijing Film Academy) I hope you can...
  7. m_w

    Admitted but Not Attending (w/o Interview) DePaul MS Film & Television (Cinematography Concentration)

    It was the easiest application that I've ever had to complete. There's something that I found out too late was that if you attend their information sessions, they usually waive the application fee which is $75 for international students. I hope it helps those who are gonna apply in the next session
  8. m_w

    Genuine Advice Needed!! - I aspire to become a cinematographer

    To provide context on my future goal, I aspire to become a cinematographer. I'm pretty much clear about my future. Nevertheless, I want to learn all aspects of filmmaking before diving into cinematography. Oh also, I'm an international student Okay, so I need genuine advice from people who are...
  9. S

    Advice: Too late to start filmmaking? what are my options?

    Hi, I'm a 35 year old looking to get into filmmaking particularly cinematography as I have always loved being behind the camera, problem is I have zero experience. I really want to build a career as a d.o.p but not sure how to go about this and I find myself down some days wondering if it's too...
  10. HannahLSam

    Admitted (After Interview) UCLA - Cinematography MFA 2024

    The application went well! It was interesting to apply to a Cinematography program without providing any visual supplements. It was all writing samples with the most narrative being an essay on Cinematography as Storytelling. The others were writing samples of personal/purpose statements.
  11. j.adamfilm

    Help! USC or AFI

    I'm looking to primarily focus on Cinematography and would also like to learn CGI and AI creation as well. I would also like to do some directing however those two are the main ones that I am focusing on especially for a film school degree, cinematography being #1 and the most important to me...
  12. HannahLSam

    Admitted but Not Attending (w/o Interview) Chapman MFA - Cinematography Emphasis (Fall 2024)

    Application process went well! It’s quick and concise for everything that’s required of you to submit. Probably the least extensive of all the applications I’ve done.
  13. V

    Kinoeyes Cinematography or Docnomads - Fall 2024

    Has anyone applied to Kinoeyes Cinematography or Docnomads - Fall 2024?
  14. B

    Interview Scheduled AFI Cinematography - Fall 2024

    Very good. I submitted everything on time before December 1, 2023. My recommendations also got in on time. Just recently heard I've been invited to interview for the Cinematography program, so I am excited and hopeful. Patience seems to be essential. An excellent narrative statement and a...
  15. J

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI Cinematography Fall 2024 - MFA

    Second time applying in back to back years, managed to submit both old and new material. The entire AFI process has been tough and filled with ups and downs as I was able to get interviewed last year but waitlisted and didn't hear back. This time though, I feel way more prepared and ready to...
  16. sid_2000

    How to build a cinematography portfolio? Pursuing MA in cinematography after a Bachelor's in Engineering

    I did my Bachelor's in engineering and I have always had a passion for camera, composition, and such and have 4 years of experience in handling cameras for covering outdoor events. I have finally decided to pursue a degree in cinematography and would like to do a master's. I went through the...
  17. L

    Denied (w/o Interview) Chapman University MFA in Film Production with Cinematography Emphasis | Fall 2024

    The application was very straightforward. I was already working on my resume, sop, challenging essay, and portfolio list over the summer. The dilemma was not having a cinematography reel. I only had three films, and I was thankful to be put on as DP for two more and took me over a week to...
  18. L

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) LMU MFA Film Production | Cinematography Track

    I went to go visit the campus and graduate facility in Playa Vista during the summer. I didn't get to check out the sound stages because it was closed down, but I'm happy that they were able to show me other spaces like editing bays, mixing rooms, screening rooms, camera stage, etc. They did so...
  19. Lin0802

    AFI Conservatory - Cinematography 2024 entry

    Anyone applying? ☺️
  20. pesmefe

    Interested in an MA in Cinematography (UK)

    Hello everyone, I'm currently at the end of my second year of my undergraduate and I am interested in studying Cinematography in the UK. The places I am looking at right now are: - Goldsmiths - University of the Arts, London - Met Film School - London Film School - National Film and TV School...

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