columbia 2021

  1. sundaesorceress

    Interviewed Columbia Directing/Screenwriting

  2. L

    Interviewed Columbia - Directing/Screenwriting MFA Fall 2021

  3. H

    Admitted (After Interview) Columbia Film MFA

  4. isla

    Waitlisted (After Interview) Columbia Screenwriting/Directing MFA

  5. T

    Does anyone know about Columbia College Chicago's Directing MFA Program?

    Hi everyone! I got accepted into CCC's directing program several days ago. Does anyone know about this school? I've looked up some reviews from google map, but they seem to have different judgments. I got rejected by USC and haven't got interviews from Chapman, LMU, Columbia and NYU. I don't...
  6. anniewaits

    Interviewed Columbia MFA Creative Producing applicant

  7. Cody Young

    Admitted (After Interview) Columbia Film MFA 2021

  8. I

    Interviewed Columbia - Directing/Screenwriting MFA Fall 2021

  9. C

    Applied 2021 MFA Creative Producing Columbia School of the Arts

  10. K

    Denied (w/o Interview) Columbia MFA Screenwriting/Directing

  11. Borna

    Denied (w/o Interview) Columbia MFA Screenwriting/Directing - Fall 2021

  12. V

    Is a CV required for Columbia?

    Hi, there is no space to upload a CV on the Columbia application - does this mean they don't want it? Is there only the one portal/application, hope I'm not missing anything? :) e.g. for NYU there was a School of the Arts portal and a creative one. Thanks !!:))
  13. Q

    Columbia Treatment Format: Act Breakdown

    Hi friends! Finalizing my Columbia MFA Application and had a question about treatment format. Are people breaking down the three act structure in their treatments? In other words, are you specifying "Act One:" followed by the plot points of that act, then "Act Two:" etc? Or are you just doing...
  14. M

    Is it ok for me to describe a film idea that I've already written for Columbia's treatment?

    Is it ok for me to describe a film idea that I've already written for Columbia's treatment? This film idea has been recognized by a film org and that is designated on my resume. I provided the same treatment idea for NYU but am now unsure and worried they would look at it as me being lazy. I...

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