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  1. Patrick Clement

    Fifth Year Columbia U Directing MFA (& KU Alum) ASQUEMIENETHENGUE

    I've been pretty active in the forums since my application year. I'm going to take all of my threads and repost them here and happy to answer any new questions!
  2. Operator

    Columbia University MFA Fall 2019

    That time of year again. Who's applying to Columbia U? Third time applying. This time I will be going for the Screenwriting concentration instead of Creative Producing.
  3. Paralylex

    2018 Columbia University MFA

    Hey guys, New to the site and yada yada... who is applying to U of C's MFA program?? Submitted my app on Thursday and am ridiculously excited and nervous. Anyone interested in sharing scripts/prompts/films? I didn't see any thread for this year, but it might be nice to talk with potential...
  4. Patrick Clement

    Columbia University - MFA - Fall 2018

    Opening this thread for applicants. Questions, concerns, application status, interviews, nerves, how babies are made, winning lottery numbers, .
  5. TeN

    accepted portfolio submission at CalArts and Columbia U

    Hey all, Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this or if promoting your work isn't allowed on this subforum. I'm not sure how many people here check the page, so I wanted to share the film I just posted on there: Melancholia Imaginativa I thought it might be helpful for...
  6. Zeno

    Waitlisted at Columbia/AFI/UCLA/USC/UT/FSU/NYU/Chapman/LMU

    Just saw Chris's post saying traffic on the site had slowed and congratulating everyone on their efforts for this years round. My reaction was: thanks Chris but hold on there just a second! I've met a few folks who are waitlisted and holding out for first choice schools. I got into Art Center...
  7. Zeno

    Waiting game (at Columbia University): worth it to wait if it's your first choice?

    Handful of us are waitlisted at our first-choice schools. For me, that's Columbia University for screenwriting/directing. However, I will not be offered a formal spot until others take themselves out of the running. Be curious to know if schools are pruning their lists or just sitting on them...
  8. H

    Columbia MFA Creative Producing

    Hey all, Wanted to get a jump start and open up a thread for those who have been admitted to the Creative Producing program at Columbia for Fall 2017.
  9. EclecticMel21

    Columbia University MFA Film : FALL 2017

    Hey all, I hope everybody who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday. The application deadline is a few short days away so I wanted to create a thread for those of us interested in the Columbia MFA film program. It would be great to have folks to talk to during the next couple of...
  10. Columbia University - Creative Producing (M.F.A.)

    Columbia University - Creative Producing (M.F.A.)

    The Film MFA Program in Creative Producing is a three-year film school program that takes advantage of Columbia’s unique geography at the center of the independent film world, with the mission of creating the next generation of producers. The program emphasizes the role of the producer as the...
  11. Columbia University - Screenwriting/Directing (M.F.A.)

    Columbia University - Screenwriting/Directing (M.F.A.)

    The mission of the Film MFA in Screenwriting/Directing is to rigorously train storytellers in film, television and digital media. The course of study at our film school includes two years of creative workshops and related courses, followed by one to three years of thesis and Research Arts work...
  12. granados_1111

    Columbia University MFA Fall 2016

    Hello everyone! Application deadline is on the horizon and I wanted to create a thread for all of us interested in the Columbia MFA film program. Please share any tips or opinions you have heard and I hope we can meet next fall in NYC!
  13. L

    Loyola Marymount vs. Columbia MFA?

    Hi. I was just wondering what thoughts you guys had on LMU vs. Columbia? Specifically LMU's writing & producing for TV vs. Columbia's screenwriting/directing mfa programs. I obviously know the focuses are different, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight specifically into the schools...