1. Chris W

    Ideas to flex your creative filmmaking drive during COVID

    So you're spending a lot of time social distancing and wearing masks... What are you doing to flex your creative muscles? Doing the USC portfolio submission of telling a story in 8 still frames sounds interesting. What are you doing? Writing?
  2. Chris W

    ICE says if University is online only in Fall due to COVID... Your student visa may no longer be valid 😧

    This seems NUTS and hopefully a misinterpretation of the rule: This is NOT good. I hope everyone who's international in the US now is not affected by this. It seems like if the school is doing only online classes for your next year the student visa is no longer valid unless I'm misreading...
  3. Chris W

    COVID Poll: Are you attending or deferring?

    In these crazy times... If you've been accepted to a program what are your plans? Please respond with you reasons below.
  4. Cal State cancels all Fall classes due to COVID

    Cal State cancels all Fall classes due to COVID

    According to the LA Times all in person classes are canceled for the fall for all Cal State programs, including film. For more info on the Cal State Film Schools check them out in our=Cal+State']...
  5. Film School during COVID-19

    Film School during COVID-19

    I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this uncertain time. This article today is going to be a little different from the norm! Chris had the wonderful idea of writing up a little something about how different film schools are handling the COVID-19. I jumped on board immediately...

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