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  1. E

    UT vs. NYU Film School

    Hello, I am a Texas native currently trying to decide between UT and NYU. Ive had my eyes set on UT for a while now because of the cost and its closer to home. The only thing is im worried the connections and networking wont be the best and I really would like to go to NYU just the cost of 50k a...
  2. L

    SFSU or ACCD ?

    Hey guys, I was accepted by these two schools but I am wondering which school should I go to. Could anyone give me some advice or anyone knows about SFSU's MFA Cinema program? I'm more interested in this school because of its low tuition fee ( Seems like the cheapest one in the TOP 25 film school.
  3. T

    MA decisions: lfs/ goldsmiths/ AUB

    Hey guys, currently I got an offer from LFS, goldsmiths and AUB, but every school has its pros and cons, so I'm having a difficulty in choosing the right one for me. A few things about my background: I'm a non-EU student. I didn't study filmmaking during my uni years, most of my knowledge and...
  4. J

    Studying Film at UCSD vs. UCI?

    Hello. I am very interested in going into the field of film production, and I applied to several film schools. I narrowed my choices down to UCSD's "Visual Arts-Media" program and UCI's "Film and Media Studies". The problem I am currently facing is that I can not really make up my mind on a...
  5. Naya86

    UCLA or UCR? (Screenwriting MFA)

    I kid you not, this is what it comes down to. Before you berate me for even considering to pass up UCLA for UCR, especially for the film school, let me explain the situation. UCR offers a screenwriting MFA that is partially funded. They gave me a fellowship that pays tuition, health insurance...
  6. G

    Columbia College Chicago or Pratt Institute???

    ASSISTANCE NEEDED!!! I got into both Columbia College Chicago and Pratt Institute both for the film programs. I am aware that CCC takes anyone, but they also have a good film program. Pratt is more prestigious and has name recognition. I am interested in directing/writing both live action AND...

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