1. gokuladharshan

    DePaul - MFA Film & Television Directing 2020

    Hi! Hoping to find others who have applied to DePaul's film program.
  2. Lucycat151

    Admitted Without Interview DePaul--Film Production 2020

  3. S

    Flim School Depaul?

    Hi, My kid got into the Deapul University film program (Chicago) with a good scholarship. He has a good SAT 1400 but GPA is 2.85. He has a good resume where he made a movie that got some recognition etc. Does he have a chance in the BU Flim Program? We live in Massachusetts. We visited...
  4. triplefour

    Admitted After Interview DePaul - MFA Film and Television Directing Fall 2020

  5. Y

    Suffering from Indecision

    What's up fellas. I am at a loss for where to go. I've gained acceptance to 8 schools (American University, Boston University, DePaul, Emerson, Fordham, Syracuse, George Mason & VCU (both are in-state schools) I narrowed down my list to 3: American, Emerson, and Syracuse, although insight into...
  6. M

    DePaul Screenwriting Comedy Concentration and The Harold Ramis Film School

    hey, guys! i was looking into both of these options and i'm wondering... are these pretty much the same thing? as far as i can tell, the harold ramis film school is a one-year program and doesn't offer a degree, while depaul is a 2-year master's program. but is what's being taught similar...
  7. D

    DePaul vs Brooklyn College (Feirstein) for screenwriting

    Not sure which would be the better choice, can anyone shed some light? DePaul is a little more established and seems to be gaining traction, New York seems like a better hub for opportunities post grad...anybody have experience or inside knowledge here? Thank you all
  8. Cd23

    DePaul University Screenwriting - Should I attend?

    I wanted to start this post for accepted students to talk about DePaul, because I haven't found much about it on this site. I got admitted to the Comedy concentration, but am waiting to hear from some other schools before I make a decision. I wanted to know how many others are in the same boat...
  9. Operator

    Denied Without Interview DePaul University Fall 2019 Screenwriting

    Notified via email to log into application to see notification.
  10. E

    Admitted Without Interview DePaul - Screenwriting 2015

  11. A

    Admitted Without Interview DePaul - Directing 2016

  12. J

    Is it possible to get into a M.F.A program without any prior film making experience?

    I went to a liberal arts college and my school only offered a hand full of film related classes. Right now I am mainly considering applying to masters in film studies (film analysis, theory,...) to pursue an academic career. Although I am happy with the idea of pursuing film in the academic...
  13. Tina Berardi

    Scholarship Applications

    Hi! I'm applying to LMU, DePaul, UCLA, Texas, Chapman, and maybe Boston U for MFA in screenwriting programs, and noticed that there are pages posted for scholarship opportunities on each site, but I'm unsure exactly what I could get upon applying, particularly at UCLA... they have a whole page...
  14. Operator

    DePaul MFA in Screenwriting (Regular and Comedy)

    Figured I'd try this one even though I got into a school already. For what I want to do, this seems like a more appealing program, in regards to the comedy concentration.
  15. The Second City and DePaul University to offer degrees in comedy filmmaking

    The Second City and DePaul University to offer degrees in comedy filmmaking

    CHICAGO — The Second City and DePaul University today announced a collaboration designed to expand comedy education. Starting in fall 2018, DePaul’s School of Cinematic Arts will offer comprehensive new undergraduate and graduate degrees in comedy filmmaking: Master of Fine Arts in...
  16. DePaul University - MFA in Screenwriting

    DePaul University - MFA in Screenwriting

    The Master of Fine Arts is a highly selective two-year program designed to cultivate the writer's voice through a demanding curriculum focused on the craft of screenwriting that culminates in a comprehensive film and television portfolio of original work. Additionally, writers are educated on...
  17. DePaul University - MFA in Film and Television Directing

    DePaul University - MFA in Film and Television Directing

    CDM's graduate programs are designed to accommodate the working professional. Classes are offered in the evenings at DePaul's Loop Campus. In addition, CDM offers both individual courses and entire degree programs online. Our curriculum is structured to give you a solid foundation in the...
  18. DePaul University - School of Cinematic Arts

    DePaul University - School of Cinematic Arts

    Students in the School of Cinematic Arts have access to the latest in digital media production equipment plus state of the art audio and video editing software not only on campus but at our 10,000 foot soundstage on the Cinespace Chicago Film Studio lot where we teach classes alongside network...

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