directing 2023

  1. R

    Admitted (After Interview) MA DIRECTING FICTION NFTS

    The Application process for NFTS went pretty smooth. I feel like the lesser word count for the questions make it a much more easier application and I could tell they put a lot of focus on the particular film you are asked to send.
  2. M

    Denied (After Interview) NYU Grad film - 2023

    Mostly I submitted materials from the previous year. I was waitlisted last year, so I decided to update just a little and submit the same stuff because I didn't have much time to prepare well. It turns out it was a mistake. Always update always.
  3. O

    Admitted (After Interview) Columbia Screenwriting and Direction MFA 2023

    Everything is going smoothly. Submitted all required materials by 15th Dec, and got interview notification on 6th Feb. Interview focused on my short film, my new story idea, and why I'm passionate about the program. The process forced me to probe my tendency. A very great experience.
  4. haetbit

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) Columbia University Screenwriting and Direction MFA

    Really smooth process. I only started working on my application 15 days before the deadline. I submitted it 30 minutes before it closed... whew! I got called for an interview on 27th February and was ecstatic. There were practically no issues or doubts from my side throughout.
  5. M

    Waitlisted (After Interview) AFI Directing - 2023

    I enjoyed the application process, particularly the personal statement. For the exercise, I shot it in August to give myself enough time for post. The interview portion went well too.
  6. A

    Waitlisted (w/o Interview) Chapman University MFA Directing emphasis- Fall 2023

    The application process was intense for me, not because the assignments were complex but because simpler things are more difficult to grasp because of their generality, they can be written in any way because the framework around them is limited hence I often questioned the quality of work I was...
  7. K

    Applied Screenwriting/Directing

    Waiting for decision! My interview went pretty well( I think) I was waitlisted last year. My interview was around 15mins which was a bit surprising but it went well, it was done by 2 women
  8. T

    Admitted (After Interview) USC Film production MFA Fall 2023

    I have been rejected many times. I think the reason why I was able to be admitted this time is that my PS clearly stated what movie I wanted to make, not just the genre of the film but also detailed writing about the character of the protagonist in my movie, what is the background, and so on. I...
  9. S

    Denied (w/o Interview) MFA Film Production and Directing Fall 2023

    The whole process was much more stressful than I anticipated. I didn't realize how badly I wanted to go to film school until I was awaiting my decisions. I don't think I really wanted to fully let myself want it because I was so afraid of rejection. Honestly, waiting for decisions was a really...
  10. rcpsn

    Admitted (After Interview) USC MFA Film 2023

    2nd time applying. Paid a lot more attention to my visual submission and personal statement. Had picked the film treatment as the written sample. Ensured all submission materials followed some sort of story structure with a beginning, middle and end.
  11. O

    Applied Columbia directing

    preparing for the interview... it is really hard to get in and i am preparing for it. a lot of my classmates are preparing for it. hope that we cloud hear good news from columbia.
  12. Stefano

    Interviewed Columbia (MFA Directing/Screenwriting) - 2023

    I remember being a little bit late on this one. I usually prepare well in advance, but I couldn't really "unlock" the film prompt request. I ended up writing one, but it felt rushed and I didn't really liked it. Then luckily I had my epiphany and closed the applicaiton.
  13. jkosmacki

    Admitted (After Interview) Brooklyn College Feirstein - Directing - Fall 2023

    This application was not too difficult, but I did apply after the priority deadline (1/15), so that might hurt my chances. I had received conflicting info from Feirstein's website from that of the CUNY Brooklyn College. Anyway, there are a bunch of parts to the application, but it does not...
  14. jkosmacki

    Admitted (After Interview) School of Visual Arts - MPS Directing - Fall 2023

    SVA's MPS Directing application is fairly easy, with the greatest challenge being the video self-portrait, which is supposed to visually tell the story of who you are essentially. Other aspects of the application are more conventional and since the application deadline is in January, I was able...
  15. jkosmacki

    Interviewed Columbia MFA Screenwriting/Directing - Fall 2023

    Putting together the materials specific to Columbia's program was challenging in the sense that its rules are very prescriptive and the boundaries very rigid. For example, the one page treatment and the dramatic writing sample have page restrictions that can make it more difficult, but it also...
  16. M

    Denied (w/o Interview) NYU GRAD FILM (MFA in Filmmaking) SEPT 2023

    Let's be honest, NYU is my dream school. The application process makes you understand how having a voice/style as a filmmaker is essential. Started working on my application in early September. It was fun but stressful. Most of my Short-films were longer than 15min (I mostly directed pilots or...
  17. O

    Columbia Screenwriting/Directing MFA 2023

    I noticed there wasn't a thread for this, so I made one. How is everyone doing?
  18. O

    Applied NYU FILM - 2023

    Fine. The application process was incredibly confusing (the different sites where I had to upload materials). I thought it was interesting that this was the only application I submitted that required a picture of me...
  19. O

    Applied COLUMBIA FILM MFA - Fall 2023

    Pretty well! I enjoyed filling this one out more than the others for some reason. Probably because I liked having more pages for my personal essay. It's hard to put together something that you think captures who you are as a prospective student.
  20. O

    Applied AFI DIRECTING - 2023

    Pretty good! I enjoyed filling out the application. I actually figured out a way to enjoy writing the essays, which was a miracle. I like having a prompt when I make something, so making the short was fun.

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