directing fiction

  1. R

    Admitted (After Interview) MA DIRECTING FICTION NFTS

    The Application process for NFTS went pretty smooth. I feel like the lesser word count for the questions make it a much more easier application and I could tell they put a lot of focus on the particular film you are asked to send.
  2. FD97

    Applied NFTS Directing Fiction - 2024

    The application requires - answering five 250 word questions, 15 minute showcase of your own work and finally a 2 page outline / treatment for a fictional project. If they like your initial application then you will be invited to an interview where you will be interviewed by a panel of 4. After...
  3. M

    NFTS 2024 - Directing Fiction Applications

    ♫ Here I go again [not] on my own ♫ ♫ Going down the only road I've ever known ♫ Attempt number 4.... when will it stop? 😅
  4. Joshna

    Admitted (After Interview) LMU - MFA Film & Television Production

    LMU asked for several factors like writing sample, video sample, creative samples etc. After a few months I got a mail of being selected for an interview. Attending the interview made me recall once again about why I was so passionate about filmmaking. It was an amazing process. I submitted my...
  5. M

    NFTS 2023 - Directing Fiction Applications

    Here we go again!! Third time's the charm, or so they say...
  6. I


  7. M

    Denied (w/o Interview) NFTS MA DIRECTING FICTION COURSE 2022

    Standard NFTS Directing Application: -15 minutes of a short film you solely directed -a 2 page, double spaced, feature film or short film treatment -many questions about your background, motivations, why you want to study at the NFTS, and what you think you could improve from the short film you...
  8. Elbow07

    NFTS - MA Directing Fiction - 2022 entry

    So second time lucky 🤞 I've applied for the Directing Fiction MA at NTFS for entry in Jan 2022. Just thought I'd throw a thread up here to see if anyone else is in the same boat who want to stew together? 😂 Or more helpfully, just connect and share our experiences and whatnot.
  9. Elbow07

    Applied Directing Fiction - NFTS - 2022

  10. karolasmc

    Denied (w/o Interview) Senior in HS, applied to USC SCA Film and TV Production.

    Hi, I'm Karola. I'm a senior in high school from Southern California. I love making videos with my friends. Whether it's writing, directing, acting, editing, shooting, costume design, sound design, I love it all. I also love fashion on the side, along with probably all other art forms, because...
  11. C

    Chapman MFA Film Production (Directing) vs LMU MFA Film & TV Production. Please Help!

    Hi everyone, I was accepted into both Chapman University’s MFA Film Production program for directing and LMU’s MFA Film and TV Production program (I would want to specialize in directing fiction). I’m extremely torn between the two programs and stressing out because the offer deadline for both...
  12. killakween

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) LMU: Film & TV Production MFA (Fall 2021)

  13. José Prats

    Denied (w/o Interview) NFTS - 2021

  14. H

    Admitted (After Interview) NFTS

    My interview went really well, it was just a friendly talk with lovely people. I really enjoyed that in a way that afterward, I was sure that I want to do a MA course in NFTS while I had LFS as another option. In my opinion, the most important thing to get into the course is your personality...
  15. Elbow07

    Denied (w/o Interview) NFTS - MA Directing Fiction - Jan 2021

    First time applying. Application requirements: Multiple question and answer satements Up to 15 mins of film 2 page treatment for original work that isn't related to the film(s) submitted
  16. D

    Denied (w/o Interview) NFTS Directing Fiction 2021

    Applied in the plague times...
  17. Z

    Denied (w/o Interview) NFTS - DIRECTING FICTION 2021

    First time applying to NFTS. Waiting still.
  18. Jacobbbb

    Applied National Film and Television School - Directing Fiction 2021

    This is my first time applying to the National Film and Television School. I got notified that my application has been received a day after applying.
  19. Jacobbbb

    NFTS Applications 2021 - The one where the world seems to be on fire....

    Hi. A few weeks ago I applied to the Screenwriting and Directing Fiction courses at NFTS (with a preference of writing). I wandered if there was anybody else in my shoes and of course since people at in their houses, it's getting pretty boring so wanted people to talk too in the same boat. I'm...

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