1. S

    Applied NFTS Directing Fiction 2025

  2. Y

    Preparing for MFA in Live Action Cinema: Advice Needed!

    My Application for MFA - ( Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema - live action- has been accepted and I am excited to start school in the Fall. I did not study film for undergrad, for my undergrad I did fine arts ( photography ) Before fall semester starts I have about 4-5 month time. So, any...
  3. J

    Denied (w/o Interview) UCLA Film Production MFA

    Never got an interview, so I really just applied and it was radio silence until they emailed me that I did not get in. I submitted really early and was fairly confident in my application. One of my letters of rec was from an acclaimed screenwriter who went to UCLA for his BFA and MFA, so I did...
  4. J

    Denied (w/o Interview) Texas MFA Film Production

    Never got an interview, so I really just applied and it was radio silence until they emailed me that I did not get in. I submitted really early and was fairly confident in my application (I did get into USC). Pretty bummed because this was definitely one of my top schools.
  5. J

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) Syracuse MFA Film

    Very smooth. Application didn't ask a lot to complete. They were one of the last schools to give me an interview notification but admitted almost exactly 3 weeks after interview so very quick turnaround.
  6. sbhuntley

    Interviewed 2024 Columbia Directing and Screenwriting MFA

    The process has been extremely slow. I applied on the due date, then heard back and interviewed in February. Since then, I have heard nothing from the school, whether that be a rejection, acceptance, or waitilist.
  7. A

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Howard University Graduate Film MFA

    I had a chance to visit with the faculty before I submitted my application. I got the whole rundown, including the department's challenges, advantages, and dreams, plus a short tour of the building. The application is through GradCas, and it requires a CV/Resume, a personal statement, a sample...
  8. I

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) Columbia MFA Directing/Screenwriting - 2024

    It was my first time applying. Overall, it went pretty well. For any people aspiring, I would say work on your creative written materials ASAP, so you have enough time to edit them to your liking. In addition, different schools have different ways they want materials to be formatted (so be aware...
  9. 8ballqueen

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) UCLA MFA Film Production (Directing) - 2024

    It’s been a long, windy road. I only applied to two programs for Film and the rest were MA/PhD programs. The UCLA application is simpler in nature, I’d just suggest really taking the writing sample seriously. If I can offer any advice, it’d be to write from something you know that you can...
  10. G

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI 2024

    The application was a fun learning experience full of challenges. The 2024 film school forum was an insanely helpful resource throughout the process as it provided great insight as to what the school was looking for and looking to hear about me.
  11. slyon2013

    Admitted (Off Waitlist After Interview) NYU Grad Film - Fall 2024

    Process has been chill. Felt strongly about all parts of my application honestly. Same film as last year but like re edited to be better. Dramatic story snapped in my opinion but they didn't even mention in the interview lol :( Interview was one of the last ones, and on zoom. Everyone was nice...
  12. anxious-meringue

    Admitted (After Interview) NYU Grad Film MFA 2024

    Process was good. I loved the interviewers. The department chair called me in the afternoon to let me know I had gotten in and then my letter and fin aid was available the following day
  13. Junior55

    Interviewed Columbia University - Directing/Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2024

    The application was straightforward. Started my application a bit later than intended but was able to finish before the due date. The application on the whole felt different and more personal.
  14. MildBlandChiliPepper

    Denied (After Interview) UCLA

    So far so good! The materials were a little contradictory so I pored over the info on this site and their paperwork like a lawyer. It seems to have helped so far because I am in for an interview! I submitted two and three-page responses as extra documents instead of filling them out in the...
  15. J

    Waitlisted (After Interview) USC Film & Television Production MFA

    After being waitlisted, it does say that they will offer admission for Spring 2025 term. Not sure if that's all waitlisted applicants or not though. This was again a fairly standard application, I think the CAS/slideshow combination really makes the application process super smooth and the most...
  16. iheartmfa

    Denied (After Interview) UCLA Directing MFA Fall 2024

    -First application due of the season! I had a lot of fun because I was visiting LA for work while writing the application, so got to walk around campus and ~ get inspired ~ by the energy -It really helped nail down what short I wanted to write by having to write it out in action lines like they...
  17. iheartmfa

    Admitted (After Interview) UT Austin Directing MFA Fall 2024

    -ApplyTexas / MyStatus can be tricky to get to know at first, so make sure you dedicate time to all the buttons -Submitting official transcript can also be a process -- I had to send a mailed copy to my undergrad university, scan it in, and then send it to UT, so also allot time or else your...
  18. iheartmfa

    Denied (After Interview) NYU Directing MFA Fall 2024

    -I really liked the dramatic writing part of the application, was unique and challenged different way of storytelling in brain -Applied with feature treatment had written in a screenwriting class -Most intensive application and interview of the ones I applied to, definitely begin early on this...
  19. iheartmfa

    Admitted (After Interview) USC Directing MFA Fall 2024

    -I enjoyed applying to the program -probably one of the most intensive applications alongside NYU's -Interview was a good vibe, not specific interview questions, instead speaking with a professor & communicating experience
  20. R

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Savannah College of Art and Design Graduate School

    The application process went very smooth! The assitant director of graduate admission, Scott Woodyard is very helpful and willing to answer questions. I will say the component that took the longest was the writing component. After I wrote my statement of purpose, I was not expecting so many...

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