1. Elbow07

    Applied NFTS - MA Directing Fiction - Jan 2021

    First time applying. Application requirements: Multiple question and answer satements Up to 15 mins of film 2 page treatment for original work that isn't related to the film(s) submitted
  2. J

    Waitlisted Without Interview University of Georgia-Directing MFA 2020

    First time Applying to first ever Film MFA at UGA! Waitlisted, no interview required. Submitted writing sample, directing reel, personal statement, resume, three letters of rec, grad application. Based at Pinewood Atlanta Studios and UGA campus.
  3. VCalavera

    Applied NFTS Directing Fiction 2021

    Applied in the plague times...
  4. U

    camera shots and angles in filmmaking

    Max Film Academy--1 Year Filmmaking Certificate, 3Months Filmmaking Workshop Subscribe to our Youtube channel to learn filmmaking tips
  5. dkimg21

    Attending UCLA - Directing/Production Fall 2020

  6. A

    NYU Tisch MFA vs Columbia MFA ; Director/Writer

    I know this has been debated a bit but after reading all the threads I still feel the need to ask. I have been accepted into both Columbia and NYU Tish Graduate program and I dont know which one to choose. I'm looking for a program that will train me best as a writer AND director. Everyone...
  7. P

    Applied Columbia - MFA Directing/Screenwriting 2020

    First time applying
  8. Siddharth Menon

    Direction - MFA / MA - Looking at FSU, Toronto, Prague , Australia and other options. Help! :)

    Hey Guys! First off, I'm a complete newbie and this is kind of my first post here. I've recently quit the corporate world and have decided to take the plunge into the big, bold (and supposedly bad :) ) world of films and showbiz. My undergrad is from India in Commerce and I was working in...

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