1. Addi Ajmani

    Applied NYU - MFA Film 2023

  2. jn0pe

    Applied UCLA - MFA Production/Directing Fall 2020

  3. abby_nelson

    Admitted After Interview USC Film & Television Production, Fall 2019

    This was my first time applying to film programs. The application process for USC was quick. I received an email from a professor in early January for an informal interview with a list of dates and times to choose from for a Skype call. The interview was exactly 15 minutes long and consisted of...
  4. S

    Academy Of Arts San Francisco in 2019 - Need some advice.

    Hey guys, I'll keep this brief: I have the opportunity to go to the Academy Of Arts on a full ride (Athletics). I want to study film/film directing and because of my athletics it means I can study there for free. However, I know the reviews for this university are TERRIBLE. I've never seen such...
  5. Patrick Clement

    Fifth Year Columbia U Directing MFA (& KU Alum) ASQUEMIENETHENGUE

    I've been pretty active in the forums since my application year. I'm going to take all of my threads and repost them here and happy to answer any new questions!
  6. Chris W

    AFI Directing 2020 "A Secret"

    AFI's application info for Directing had been released: Directing applicants are required to submit the following: Submit an example of a moving image project that you have personally directed and that best demonstrates individual talent and ability. You may submit the best 10 continuous...
  7. NLegger

    DePaul MFA in Film & Television Directing or LFS MA in Filmmaking - Where should I go?

    Hey Everyone, I recently graduated with a BFA in Film & Media Arts at The University of Tampa. I'm currently at the point where I have to choose between: DePaul University - MFA in Film and Television Directing London Film School - MA in Filmmaking I need to make this decision (hopefully)...
  8. S

    Applied NFTS Directing Fiction 2020

  9. M

    Screenwriting and Directing MA Options

    Hi, My names is Alejandro, based in Mexico City. I'm looking for MA programs that may help in the development of a feature length film, I've found this options in UBC at Vancouver and Columbia, NYC. Does anybody know about other similar courses? Thanks...
  10. y0shek

    Columbia U or AFI for Film Directing?

    Long time lurker on the site here! Hi! I have the wonderful situation to have been accepted to both Columbia University Directing/Writing as well as AFI. I've had one short french-language film distributed that won several awards at smaller film festivals. Made a micro-micro budget feature a...
  11. C

    UT vs UCLA

    Hi everyone, I have been accepted to both UT and UCLA for directing. Due to some circumstances in my life I am having a hard time deciding. I would love to hear some opinions on both schools. I kind of have a feeling about the response I am going to get, but would still love to hear thoughts...
  12. B

    NYU Grad Film vs. UCLA Production/Directing

    Hey all, I'm in the process of choosing between NYU Grad Film and UCLA Production/Directing. I've decided to list a few pros/cons off the top of my head. Probably a few things I'm missing but overall, it's one of those situations where my head says UCLA but my heart says NYU. Or maybe not, I...