1. O

    Columbia Screenwriting/Directing MFA 2023

    I noticed there wasn't a thread for this, so I made one. How is everyone doing?
  2. gotenda

    Applied Columbia College Chicago - MFA Cinema and Television Directing

    I love that the Creative Portfolio asked for any artform, regardless of medium. Just as long as it exhibits your "vision". I attended the numerous Information Sessions and they waived my fee.
  3. gotenda

    Applied UT Austin - MFA Film & Media Production

    The requirements were easy to fulfill: Statement of Purpose, a film below 20-minutes, and an Academic Writing Sample. The 12-student cap intimidated me, though, considering the requirements were very straight to the point.
  4. gotenda

    Applied DePaul University - MFA Film and Television Directing

    I'm an International, and the requirements for TOEFL and the ECE Evaluation Report frustrated me, despite my emails for them to be waived. (My undergrad was taught in an institution whose medium of instruction is English. My transcript clearly stated the USA Equivalent of my degree.) It was more...
  5. gotenda

    Admitted (After Interview) Stony Brook University - MFA in Film

    Probably my favorite graduate school application to do. I enjoyed having to shoot my video pitch and the writing prompts, because it really allowed me to show my personality and ~auteur. Only problem I had (as with other grad schools) is the time limit for videos. But I did like that I could...
  6. O

    Applied NYU FILM - 2023

    Fine. The application process was incredibly confusing (the different sites where I had to upload materials). I thought it was interesting that this was the only application I submitted that required a picture of me...
  7. O

    Applied COLUMBIA FILM MFA - Fall 2023

    Pretty well! I enjoyed filling this one out more than the others for some reason. Probably because I liked having more pages for my personal essay. It's hard to put together something that you think captures who you are as a prospective student.
  8. O

    Applied AFI DIRECTING - 2023

    Pretty good! I enjoyed filling out the application. I actually figured out a way to enjoy writing the essays, which was a miracle. I like having a prompt when I make something, so making the short was fun.
  9. jordanrosephotos

    Applied AFI- Directing Fall 2023

    I enjoyed the application process- the prompt for the short film was pretty broad & vague, but I appreciated the room to create whatever I wanted. For the sample, I submitted a chunk of a longer film I made recently. I didn't want to change the pace/the way it was edited by cutting it down...
  10. I

    Interviewed AFI - Directing Fall 2023

    I loved the application process! I started preparing materials for it in late August so as to allow myself plenty of time for editing the written portions, and for the production & post process of the 5min short. Even though they don't require too many materials, I was glad to have all that time...
  11. Wayne State College (BS)

    Wayne State College (BS)

  12. S

    Applied Stony Brook MFA in Film

    The application process was quite long since there are several requirements, I enjoyed it for the most part but it takes weeks/months to prepare if you want to submit a very solid application. Just a heads up!
  13. anythingatall

    Admitted but Not Attending (w/o Interview) NYFA Filmmaking MFA Spring 2023

    Was in correspondence with a very helpful admission guidance counsellor through email throughout the admission progress. I attended their 4 Weeks Filmmaking program before and therefore had a lot of questions about visa renewal and migration stuff. Had to upload documents onto NYFA admissions...
  14. anythingatall

    Applied AFI Directing Fall 2023

    Uploaded required documents to GradCAS and waited. Process of uploaded to GradCAS was easy. Deadline for submission was 1 Dec. Have yet to hear from them.
  15. anythingatall

    Interview Scheduled AFI Screenwriting Fall 2023

    Uploaded required documents to GradCAS and waited. Process of uploaded to GradCAS was easy. Deadline for submission was 1 Dec. They told me to submit a non-professional headshot to identify me for the interview, as well as the names of the interviewers. Waiting for the interview on 24th Jan.
  16. A

    Applied USC MFA Directing / Film Production 2023

    The application goes well. The short film I submitted was my first complete narrative film, I used to make scenery and travel video clips which they are not fitting the feature of storytelling. Due to the lack of experience, the film was not perfectly fit my original idea but overall it was good...
  17. Maymers

    Applied AFI DIRECTING - 2023

    Was stressing over the "conflict" short and struggling with the script - but a trip to Provence with some film school classmates provided the perfect inspiration and I unexpectedly shot it there. Funnily enough, I feel it is the best short script I've ever written - the most cohesive and simple...
  18. R

    Applied UCLA Directing/Film Production 2023

    Really simple and straightforward. Kind of surprising how little information and/or application material is required. I'm not sure how candidates with less experience are to be evaluated beyond their short film treatment.
  19. S

    Applied NYU Grad Film - 2023

    The instructions were easy to follow but there were a lot of materials that needed to be prepared and submitted. I believe my application is solid overall but I'm aware the competition is fierce and that my chances are slim. Happy to have prepared everything and having submitted the application...
  20. A

    Applied MFA Film - NYU

    Writing the portfolio was fun! It was great to be able to sit down with a prompt and be as creative as possible and I really loved the pitch concept. For my application, I also concentrated on writing and directing.

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