1. Chris W

    The Filmmaking Matrix

    I LOVE that moment that happens after you watch all of the footage for a particular scene - all the bits and pieces... All the random moments... Even parts between takes or things out of context that everything comes together and you see the whole picture like Neo in the Matrix. Solving the...
  2. Asheville School of Film offers Part-time, Evening, and Weekend Workshops

    Asheville School of Film offers Part-time, Evening, and Weekend Workshops

    The Asheville School of Film is the ideal place for locals and those seeking a supportive community to learn filmmaking, or to hone areas of the filmmaking craft. We are lucky to have a growing film industry in the Southeast and hope to provide a foundation for interested youth and second career...
  3. cwarren

    AFI - Editing Interview Questions & Advice 2019

    I recently scheduled a Skype interview for AFI's editing program and wanted to know if previous applicants remember the questions they were asked or have any helpful advice. Thanks!
  4. WriterGirl33

    Chapman MFA Filmmaking

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has ever not been admitted to their first choice program but has received admission for their second choice program?
  5. Ya Chun

    Applied Chapman - Editing/Film Production 2015

    Received an email
  6. American Film Institute (AFI) - Editing

    American Film Institute (AFI) - Editing

    The Editing program is designed around the aesthetic, technical, and collaborative aspects of post-production with the primary focus on storytelling. Fellows develop the skills to be editors, assistant editors and post-production producers while collaborating with other team members. The Sony...
  7. A

    Admitted Without Interview Chapman - Film Production - Editing 2018

    First time applying, with scholarship