1. A

    Admitted Without Interview Chapman - Film Production - Editing 2018

    First time applying, with scholarship
  2. Cindy Yu

    Attending Chapman - Film Production - Editing 2018

    First time applying
  3. A

    Attending AFI - Editing 2018

    First time applying, in-person interview
  4. M

    Attending AFI - Editing 2018

    First time applying, skype interview, with scholarship
  5. A

    Attending AFI - Editing 2018

    First time applying, 20 years old
  6. aiysh88

    Masters in film editing

    Hi! I would love to do a masters program in film editing in the UK, Australia or Canada. Which schools would you recommend? I know I definitely do not want to do a film production course. I want to focus on editing. I did some research online and found :AFTRS in Australia, Humber college in...
  7. NFTS - Editing

    NFTS - Editing

    Digital technology has transformed the editing process, yet it has also dramatically diminished the role of the assistant editor so that opportunities to learn the art of editing as an apprentice are increasingly hard to find. Unique course in UK. Creative and technical skills developed. Study...
  8. Confederation College

    Confederation College

    Confederation College’s Film Production two-year diploma program provides a comprehensive overview of virtually every aspect of film production including directing, scriptwriting, lighting, cinematography, editing, art direction, production design, sound mixing, and the business of film. With a...
  9. Vanyel

    Film Editors Portfolio?

    The time has come for me to start applying to schools (heading off to Vancouver film school) and im sitting here with no clue at all what to do. My strengths are in the editing/sound work side of film creation. Not directing and certainly not camera work. How on earth do I make a decent...
  10. Paul Iverson

    Where to go for re-recording/foley mixing?

    Hello - I am at a crossroads in my life and looking for some advice/guidance. I graduated from Hofstra U with a BA IN Film/TV back in 1995. Took a straight corporate job outside the industry for 20 years while dabbling in video/audio editing/mixing on the side. Doing the work comes naturally...
  11. mii2nacaptor

    There's a forum for everything nowadays...

    Yeah, so that's my thought about joining here. I'm currently (somewhat) in a pickle and in a really weird situation as far as film schools go. My name is Ian, and I'm a huge nerd. I come from a nerdy family, and I love that. I decided I wanted to go into film as a career after watching a...