1. Chris W

    Emerson College - MFA in Film & Media Art 2022

    This is a thread for those of you applying to Emerson MFA in Film & Media for entry in Fall 2022. Reply below if you are planning to apply to meet your fellow applicants. Here is our current admissions statistics for the program...
  2. Eshank Modi

    Studying film in Boston

    How is it like to study film in Boston? How is it different from LA?
  3. snipsnapsnout

    Admitted but Not Attending (w/o Interview) Film and Media Art MFA / Emerson

    Had a very personable and long one-on-one Zoom conversation with the Program Director after I initially reached out with questions about the program. Application was straightforward. Found that I actually enjoyed writing the Self Critique essay, even though I thought it was a very nerdy...
  4. DarynRobinson

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Emerson MFA Writing for Film and Television

    First time applying, admitted with scholarship
  5. Y

    Applied Emerson College - MFA Film and Media Art -- Fall 2021

  6. jn0pe

    Admitted but Not Attending (w/o Interview) Emerson College - Film and Media Art MFA 2020

  7. oliviaaa

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Emerson - Media Arts Production 2020

  8. oliviaaa

    Is the Emerson Writing for Film and Television (BA/BFA) still a program?

    I'm a little confused on what majors they actually have. When I go to their website, there's no "Writing for Film and Television" major listed under "Undergraduate Programs" but I can find the page on their website (Writing for Film and Television (BA, BFA) | Emerson College). Is that still a...
  9. A

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Emerson - Writing for Screen and Television 2016

  10. A

    Attending (Admitted w/o Interview) Emerson - Media Art 2016

    dean's fellowship 25300!
  11. tzejoei

    Applied Emerson - Media Art 2016

  12. A

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Emerson - Media Art 2016

    Email with admission offer
  13. A

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Emerson - Media Art 2016

  14. J


    Hi guys, I'm thinking of applying to emerson for filmmaking but when looking at the materials, resources and films made by Emerson grads, I'm wondering if it's really worth it. I'm kind of confused as to why it's regarded so highly in top 10 film schools lists etc. I wasn't able to visit it so...
  15. Emerson College - MFA in Film & Media Art

    Emerson College - MFA in Film & Media Art

    Our unique program provides students of all levels with the opportunity to develop as engaged and versatile creative professionals and media artists. Students will work with image and sound to entertain, inform, persuade, and challenge, using both traditional and emergent media forms. They will...
  16. H

    Emerson MFA Media Arts

    Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker and this forum really helps (I did the spreadsheet!!!) I heard back from Emerson few days ago, but now I'm a little bit confused about their school style. From their website, Media Arts program contains narrative, experiment and documentary, which gives me a...
  17. Emerson College

    Emerson College

    At Emerson’s Department of Visual and Media Arts, the process of transforming your vision into reality is fast-paced, exciting, and rewarding. You’ll dive right in and start working with talented mentors, collaborators, and crew members from day one. We're all about learning by doing. Is your...
  18. K

    Chapman vs. Emerson- need advice!

    Hi! I'm new to this so bear with me. I'm in a tough situation (but a great tough situation to be in). I was accepted to both Emerson and Chapman. I really want to go into production, and I got into Emerson's media production major. Problem is, I missed the deadline to apply to Chapman's...
  19. jackieofallgenres

    What would be my best choice for Screenwriting?

    I am a high school senior at a private school. I have taken mostly honors and AP classes, and I have a 4.2 weighted/3.8 unweighted GPA. I am in 2 Honor societies and have won a few academic awards, too. I hope to be a TV Screenwriter and I have a good writing portfolio. The problem is that my...

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