1. AFDA experience:

    AFDA experience:

    AFDA offers students studying abroad a unique, affordable and educational opportunity to discover Southern Africa and its diverse population, world renowned heritage sites, cosmopolitan cities and specialist higher education. AFDA International students currently comprise 10 – 20% of the total...
  2. Al1

    Get some experience on an AFI cycle film

    Dear people looking to grad school - I'm a director doing an AFI production on the 15th through 18th of this month. If you are looking for experience or want to see what an AFI cycle production is like before you apply, we need help in art department, make up, camera, directing and acting, we...
  3. S

    Need a current film school student in LA area!!

    Hi gys, I'm a Chinese student works for a filmmaking-related company in Beijing and this is the first time I study in US. Recently my company have an importing project that wanna negotiate a business contract with an American filmmaking show and I'm responsible for this whole process. However...