1. mol31203

    After Film School - How Do You Feel?

    Hi guys, so this is my first post and though I haven't heard from any schools I applied to, I want to ask those who are still attending film schools/already graduated from some questions: 1. After graduating/while attending the school you're in, do you enjoy your time there? 2. Have you...
  2. rainydays

    Film MFA No Experience/ Program Recommendations?

    Hi everyone! I'm a junior in college right now majoring in English and minoring in Africana Studies, and I recently have started realizing I may want to work in film. I have no film experience but have done a lot of journalism and literary/visual magazine work and have done many creative works...
  3. S

    Creative Portfolio Advice - Which Positions look best?

    I'm in the summer before applying for an MFA in film & tv production, and I'm looking to help around Boston for some small productions (fyi I've never been on an actual set before which is what this summer is for). I'm responding to an advertisement online for a BU MFA student's production. For...
  4. Al1

    Get some experience on an AFI cycle film

    Dear people looking to grad school - I'm a director doing an AFI production on the 15th through 18th of this month. If you are looking for experience or want to see what an AFI cycle production is like before you apply, we need help in art department, make up, camera, directing and acting, we...
  5. S

    Need a current film school student in LA area!!

    Hi gys, I'm a Chinese student works for a filmmaking-related company in Beijing and this is the first time I study in US. Recently my company have an importing project that wanna negotiate a business contract with an American filmmaking show and I'm responsible for this whole process. However...

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