1. lauren_martine

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) Brooklyn College - Feirstein Screenwriting Fall 2021

    First time applying-- applying straight from undergrad. I took the very first interview slot in February. Had a great interview experience. The head of the department and one other professor were in the meeting; they were happy to meet a current CUNY student. I noticed some other posts saying...
  2. snipsnapsnout

    Admitted but Not Attending (After Interview) Cinematography MFA / Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema (CUNY Brooklyn College)

    Received an email for an interview, asked to send an image to discuss. Interview was a little odd--I really couldn't tell if they had reviewed my application or remembered who I was, so I wasn't sure if I should or shouldn't repeat things I had written. There was no mention of my portfolio at...
  3. Batsy

    Admitted (After Interview) CUNY Screenwriting 2021

  4. C

    Brooklyn College Feirstein MFA Help

    Hi. I plan to apply for Feirstein’s MFA in Cinema Arts and I’d like to specialize in producing. If I’m accepted into the program, I want to attend law school after and focus on copyright law. Unlike many applicants on this forum, I don’t want to be a director or screenwriter. I think an MFA in...
  5. Manwitch

    Current Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - 1st year Student AMA

    I am currently enrolled at Feirstein. If you have specific questions not available on the website, I might be able to help.
  6. B

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema - Cinematography

    Accepted without interview. First time applying.
  7. mac_53156

    Admitted (After Interview) CUNY/Feirstein - Directing Fall 2020

    1st time applying. Scheduled in-person interview.
  8. jn0pe

    Admitted but Not Attending (After Interview) Feirstein - Directing MFA 2020

  9. D

    DePaul vs Brooklyn College (Feirstein) for screenwriting

    Not sure which would be the better choice, can anyone shed some light? DePaul is a little more established and seems to be gaining traction, New York seems like a better hub for opportunities post grad...anybody have experience or inside knowledge here? Thank you all
  10. L

    Interviewed Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema-Cinematography MFA 2019

    Received an interview request from the academic program director on February 19, and scheduled an in-person 30 minute interview for February 27. Was asked to bring in an image that I found interesting or worth talking about. The interview process seems to have went smoothly, and I was asked...
  11. A

    Applied CUNY/Feirstein - Directing 2015

  12. Nalcsart

    Admitted (After Interview) CUNY/Feirstein - Directing 2015

  13. moni4liberty

    Admitted (After Interview) BU - Screenwriting 2016

    Offered a $1,000/semester scholarship. I decided to wait another year
  14. B

    Interviewed Feirstein - Directing 2016

  15. A

    Denied (After Interview) Feirstein - Directing 2016

  16. A

    Admitted (After Interview) Feirstein Directing - 2016

    They only got my docs at march 1st. Email acceptance notice
  17. kevin32

    Interviewed Feirstein - Cinematography 2016

  18. Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - MFA in Post-Production

    Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - MFA in Post-Production

    It has been said that a movie is made three times: in the writing, in the shooting and in the cutting. The responsibility of the editor is to give shape and rhythm to the film, bringing the creative process to completion. As a post-production student you will learn the technical, aesthetic and...
  19. Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - MFA in Cinematography

    Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - MFA in Cinematography

    The great Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky is credited with describing cinematography as “painting with light.” Cinematography is also about capturing movement and rhythm, and composing aesthetically pleasing sequences. Developing this level of creativity requires technical knowledge and a...
  20. Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein  - MFA in Directing

    Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - MFA in Directing

    Directing is part art and part craft but mostly imagination. It requires organizational skills, discipline, leadership and collaboration. To be an effective director, all these pieces must cohere in service of projecting a compelling story on the screen. As a directing student you will learn all...

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