film making

  1. samverma

    Top Film Making School In India

    The lists of various film making schools which are situated in Mumbai city which offer course in Film Making are as follows: Pearl Academy, Mumbai Mumbai , Maharashtra B.A (Honours) in Communication Design (Graphics), 3 - 4 Years Zee Institute Of Creative Arts, Mumbai Mumbai , Maharashtra...
  2. J

    Ryerson vs. VFS

    In Canada, Ryerson Univeristy is better or Vancouver Film School is better (For Film Production)?
  3. J

    Ryerson Film School- Film Studied = Film Production??

    I am currently choosing a university which have film production in canada. I saw many post said that Ryerson Film School is properly the best film school in Canada. However, I researched more and found that Ryerson only got Film Studied so I am asking is Ryerson's Film studied is same as other...