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  1. Chris W

    GET A FREE Coffee Mug or T-shirt

    GET A FREE FILMSCHOOL.ORG T-SHIRT OR COFFEE MUG when you write a constructive review with Pros/Cons to each film program that you are applying to, the film program you went to for undergrad, or the film program that you are attending now. Send me a PM after you write the review(s). Reviews can...
  2. How to Write a Film School Review and Why You Should

    How to Write a Film School Review and Why You Should

    You don’t have to be a current student or an alum to write a review for a film school! Whether you’re an applicant, interested student, faculty member, current student, or alum, we want to hear from you. Are you currently wondering, “Which film schools should I apply to?” One of the most...
  3. Chris W

    Rate, Review, & List Pros/Cons to the Film Schools you are applying to

    When you have a moment while you are waiting to hear back about your application, if you could Rate, Review and list Pros/Cons for the film programs that you are applying to in our Film School Review system that would be AWESOME. It'll help out other applicants and also - and more importantly -...