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  1. Film School Reviews

    Wanted Film School Reviews

    Our goal is to offer the most constructive and accessible film school rankings out there so that we can help those who are interested in or planning to apply to film school. In order to do this, we need your reviews and rankings! You don’t have to be a current student or an alum to write a...
  2. Chris W

    Film School Reviews WANTED! (Temp FULL access if you submit them)

    We need more reviews for the film programs on the site to improve the film school rankings on our listings. You don't need to be a current student or alumni to review. You can review as an applicant. FOR A LIMITED TIME: If you write a constructive review with Pros/Cons to each film program that...
  3. Chris W

    Rate, Review, & List Pros/Cons to the Film Schools you are applying to

    When you have a moment while you are waiting to hear back about your application, if you could Rate, Review and list Pros/Cons for the film programs that you are applying to in our Film School Review system that would be AWESOME. It'll help out other applicants and also - and more importantly -...
  4. Chris W

    REMINDER: If you went to Film School during undergrad please review it in our Film School review section

    If you went to film school during undergrad please review it in our Film School review section: If your school isn't listed it's very simple to add. UNCSA is currently the top rated undergrad film school in the...
  5. Chris W

    Did you go to Film School as an Undergrad?

    If you went to film school as an Undergrad PLEASE post a review for it in our review section here: You can review anonymously. It'd be a HUGE help to the undergraduate members on the site...
  6. Chris W

    Film School Review Section REVAMP - INPUT NEEDED

    In the next month or so the Film School review section on will go under a complete revamp. I'd love to get some input from the members on the site on how to improve it. I'll be adding the ability to also REVIEW a film school based on: Alumni Campus Career Assistance Coursework...

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