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  1. Ruisilva93

    La Fémis

    Hi! Has anyone here went to La Fémis in Paris or know of someone who did? If so, what did you think of the course?
  2. EICAR International Film School of Paris

    EICAR International Film School of Paris

    Fellow filmmakers, this film school is a scam. On the outside, it sure does look like a legit film school but on the inside it's filled with management that is highly racist, biased and extremely rude. Of course not everyone treats the students that way but a vast majority in the management do...
  3. B

    Director Looking for Students Help! - Lecture

    Hi Film School blog! Im a Director based in NYC, who works on many different TV Commercial projects and Music Videos all over the world. One thing I love to do is give back and help students. By giving Lectures about my career to inspire them to go out and be the best filmmaker you can be! I've...
  4. Lodz Film School

    Lodz Film School

    Located in Lodz, Poland, Lodz Film School was founded in 1948 and is one of the oldest film schools in the world. The school is divided into four departments: Film and Television Directing, Direction of Photography and Television Production, Film Art Organization, and Acting. Foreign students...
  5. Chris W

    Mid Fall Check In - How's Film School Going?

    To those if you who started film school this fall.... How's it going? Is it what you had hoped for? We'd love to hear from you. :) @alanray @Gigawatt @alcudish @thinksinprose @wildermoose @Shuly @divmoh247 @Yuqi @Manwitch @KodyHamilton @m7oda @Epirogi @Septopus7 @sam502 @Arthur Frayn @PYX...
  6. K

    Ranking The Top Film Producing Programs

    Disclaimer: This is My List 1) Columbia University 2) USC - Pete Stark 3) AFI 4) UCLA 5) NYU 6) Columbia College of Chicago 7 Chapman 8 UNC - SA 9) University of Arizona 10) UT Austin
  7. Undergraduate Film School Application Deadlines

    Undergraduate Film School Application Deadlines

    Wondering when you need to get that film school application in? Below is a list of all current undergraduate film school deadlines as of September 2019. If there is an error please let us know and it'll be updated. Check out previous year's application acceptance data with our site's...
  8. Patrick Clement

    Fifth Year Columbia U Directing MFA (& KU Alum) ASQUEMIENETHENGUE

    I've been pretty active in the forums since my application year. I'm going to take all of my threads and repost them here and happy to answer any new questions!
  9. D

    Good Film Programs for Undergrad Architecture Major?

    I'm a rising senior in an undergraduate architecture program (and minor in digital production arts). I want to work on set in film now so I'm trying to focus on graduate school for film. I don't have a ton of experience but I currently have made a 15 second animation, helped produce an...
  10. Chris W

    How many times did you have to apply to Film School to get in?

    For those that got in to film school or are attending how many times did you have to apply to get in? Persistence is the key and I think the poll results will show that quite a bit of members did not get in on their first time. This will hopefully give hope to those who got...
  11. NLegger

    DePaul MFA in Film & Television Directing or LFS MA in Filmmaking - Where should I go?

    Hey Everyone, I recently graduated with a BFA in Film & Media Arts at The University of Tampa. I'm currently at the point where I have to choose between: DePaul University - MFA in Film and Television Directing London Film School - MA in Filmmaking I need to make this decision (hopefully)...
  12. Chris W

    Film School Re-Apply for 2020?

    To those of you who either didn't get in this year or got in to some film school programs but decided not to go... are you re-applying in 2020? If no, why? And if yes, to which schools are you going to apply? And remember - if you didn't get in that's okay. See @Patrick Clement 's interview:
  13. N

    London Film School or Goldsmiths?

    Hello all! I really need some advice. My story is a bit... Annoying, so say the least. I got into LFS last year and didn't go because of the high tuition. I'm not from the EU so it would've been about 32k per year... After spending 50k per year for 4 years in my US undergrads education, this...
  14. CHAPMAN FILM SCHOOL STUDENT PROFILE: Danni (aka IndecisiveElle) Directing MFA

    CHAPMAN FILM SCHOOL STUDENT PROFILE: Danni (aka IndecisiveElle) Directing MFA

    “Film School is still Graduate School... you're still getting a master's and there's still traditional work that has to be done. And a lot of people just thought like, oh well I’ll just come here and make a bunch of movies.” Danni sitting with camera in kitchen - for her very first assignment...
  15. Deb F

    USC or AFI for Production/Directing?

    Hey everyone, if you are admitted to USC film production major and AFI directing class, which one would you attend and why?
  16. Best Los Angeles Film Schools

    Best Los Angeles Film Schools

    (Photo by Miles Gehm) There are many places to attend film school but there's definitely something to be said to going to school in the heart of all of the action. Below is a listing of the top LA Film Schools and it's surrounding area ranked by the review system as of January 2019. If you are...
  17. L

    I need help with my USC SCA personal statement (animation BA)

    I really don't have anything to write about besides how filmmaking has impacted my life in a positive way, which i know is pretty generic. here's my essay so far: (some background info, i made two short films and im putting them in my portfolio section, and theyre 5 minutes in total. is that...
  18. More interesting tidbits from Christopher Nolan's press gaggle at Cannes

    More interesting tidbits from Christopher Nolan's press gaggle at Cannes

    (Cannes, France. Photo by Mario Lassnig) Via Indiewire, I found some other neat tidbits from his Cannes interviews: Knowing all the different department's roles and how to perform each job is without a doubt a big help to someone who is "in charge of the ship" as it quickly will help you...
  19. At Cannes, Christopher Nolan said he "couldn't get into film school"

    At Cannes, Christopher Nolan said he "couldn't get into film school"

    (Cannes Film Festival. Photo by Rita Molnár) At a Q&A session with Christopher Nolan at Cannes (he's showing a 70mm print of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey), he had some film school advice that was diametrically opposed to Alexander Payne's advice in the article last week: Studying...