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  1. Chris W

    When choosing your film schools to apply to... what were the factors that influenced you?

    Why are you drawn to apply to the film school you are applying to? Is it the program's prestige? Affordability? The amount of help they give you to get your first foot in the door? I'm curious how everyone came to the decision to apply to their film schools of choice.
  2. Chris W

    Dream Film School vs Safety Film School?

    What's everyone's dream film school vs their safeties? Or are you just planning on not going to film school if you don't get into your dream film program?
  3. Valley Relics (LMU)

    Valley Relics (LMU)

    One man's mission to document and preserve the history and pop culture of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. Tommy Gelinas was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. He grew up visiting restaurants, malls, and many other venues that slowly declined and...
  4. How to Save Thousands on your Film School Degree

    How to Save Thousands on your Film School Degree

    If you're trying to decide on whether or not to go to film school, especially for a master's degree, affordability likely plays a major role. The high cost and less predictable ROI on a film degree makes some aspiring students nervous to apply. Take the Wall Street Journal's recent report that...
  5. F

    I’m thinking about transferring from my current film school to UCLA for Fall 2022. Does anyone have any advice as to how I should approach the essays?

    Hi guys, I’m applying to transfer into UCLA’S TFT school for fall 2022. I’m a good writer but fairly nervous about what angle I should approach the essays. I’m hoping to get into the screenwriting program. It would be really helpful if anyone who has transferred into UCLA from another film...
  6. K

    Cheapest film schools in usa

    please provide me with the list of cheapest film schools in usa for international students ( only public 4 year or private non profit )... Also, i have a bachelor's degree in engineering..I don't know whether I should apply for Bfa or mfa.. Considering I don't have any experience in filmmakimg...
  7. St4rry

    What are the best film schools that specializes in animation?

    So I wanted to be in film school, specifically I wanted to learn about animation and live action stuff. My dad wanted me to go to college that is 2 hours or less from home. So any film schools from the west coast is out. Only colleges from the northeast. Thank you!

    9 months course in Cinematography -May 2021.

    They joy of learning at Mindscreen Film Institute (MFi) Learn Cinematography from our best faculty! 9 months course in Cinematography -May 2021. To know more Call 9841612595 . For WhatsApp Enquiries: . Course Link...
  9. priyadarsh.sarwade

    Personal Statement for London Film School - M.A. Screenwriting - Please help me improve this one!

    Hello! I am planning to apply to LFS for MA Screenwriting in 2021 and I need to submit a personal statement. This is my attempt. Please give your honest feedback and suggestions. Also, please help with the grammar. In India, it is considered a privilege to have a male child. My father wanted...
  10. F

    Film School (MA/MFA) after MFA Theatre?

    Hello fellow artists! I'll be graduating with my MFA in Theatre Directing in Fall 2021. I am interested in attending film school. I do not have vast experience in film but I want to learn. From your knowledge and experience, is it feasible to go into film school after earning an MFA in Theatre...
  11. Top 8 Undergraduate Film Schools on the East Coast

    Top 8 Undergraduate Film Schools on the East Coast

    When one thinks of best film schools, big undergraduate programs and powerhouses in Los Angeles such as USC and UCLA spring into mind. They are popular for a reason! Being in Los Angeles has its own perks, for sure. However, there are plenty of other great film schools that one can find across...
  12. A

    Which is better for me: BA in Filmmaking or MFA in filmmaking or MFA in directing

    I'm about to finish my psychology undergrad degree in a year time. I decided I want to be a film director and I'm working towards going to film school for only 1 or 2 years. The problem I have is I don't know which program will be suited for me. My only experience so far is making a crappy...
  13. Y

    Which school is better for film: Northwestern or Barnard

    Hi everyone! I'm an international high school rising senior who wants to become a director in the industry. I want to study film in college, and I want to attend a school that has internship opportunities with Hollywood industry professionals so that I will be able to network with them for my...
  14. BigAbe00

    How to Get into NYFA

    Hi all, I recently had a big change of plans and decided that NYFA Filmmaking MFA program (Los Angeles) is the best program for me. I was wondering if there are any NYFA currents or alums who I could chat to? I'd love to get more insight on admissions, curriculum, lifestyle, expenses, etc...
  15. mol31203

    “Format” in your stories

    This is something that bug me for a while... a while ago I was told by a teacher that I couldn’t end a story without “hope” (or “light”) and couldn’t end a story without protagonists having some changes at the end. I disagreed with him and still disagree with him now (I mean, look at films like...
  16. Film School during COVID-19

    Film School during COVID-19

    I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this uncertain time. This article today is going to be a little different from the norm! Chris had the wonderful idea of writing up a little something about how different film schools are handling the COVID-19. I jumped on board immediately...
  17. Y

    News Discussions Fall Semester.... Will we have virtual classes because of COVID?

    Hey guys, Just want to get your thoughts here.... if we keep zooming fall semester, will you guys consider taking a year off? Also for all international students, what's your take on that?
  18. andy001

    FIlm School-The Series: A show that ran on IFC in the early 2000s about NYU students working on their shorts

    Here is the first episode, and the following on 9 of the first and only season are all there as well. Hey all! I heard about this awesome series a while ago, it ran in the early 2000s on IFC when they were super indie and I was pleased to find out every episode of it's one and only season is...
  19. hkaiser

    Chapman Dodge vs AFI for Production Design

    Last summer, I visited both AFI and Chapman Dodge. I recently got accepted to both of these schools for Production Design. I am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree in New York for Interior Design. I liked AFI for its convenient location of being in Los Angeles, and it also being a...
  20. Siddharth Menon

    York University - MFA Program - Any reviews?

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any idea about the York University - MFA Program (2 Year) ? By the looks of it, it seems pretty decent. Some highlighting factors include: - Two Year MFA - Based in Toronto, thus closer to the Canadian Industry - Extremely economical for international students (CAD...

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