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    Where can I learn filmmaking online?

    I am a full time programmer with no aspirations of becoming a filmmaker. That said, I enjoy photography and have been doing it for quite a bit. But I want to learn filmmaking or video or whatever the right term would be. There is no "film industry" in my city, so there is nowhere I can go and...
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    Cheap online colleges with digital filmmaking or film and tv production?

    Can I get some recommendations for any ( completely ) online colleges that cost between $1000-2000 a year that teach digital filmmaking and film and tv production completely online
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    Which community college is the best for transfering to USC film school?

    I'm mainly going to focus on finishing my G.E but since I'm a international student all the c.c info from google seems like an ad :( I want to take film making classes too(NOT MEDIA) for some extra experience, so I would really appreciate the recommendation & other info
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    UCLA MFA Production/Directing Application Resume/CV

    Hello All I'm applying for UCLA's MFA in Producing/Directing program. In the application, there is a section to upload your Resume/CV. Is this asking for a creative or professional resume? While I do have background in working on independent shorts in various roles, it is separate from my...
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    A few questions regarding Film School

    Hey, I'm sorry if I bother you. Let me introduce myself first. I'm from Germany and I am lately considering applying to US Filmschools. Because I am from Germany a lot of things are very unfamiliar to me. First of all, do you know whether you have to take the SAT (as an International Student)...
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    Admitted After Interview Loyola Marymount University - Film & Television Production 2019

    First time applying. I was notified via email of an invitation to interview and given a preference between two dates the following week. After confirming the interview I was told who my two interviewers would be and given the necessary link for the interview, which was to be held via the video...

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