film & tv production

  1. F

    Can I act in my film submission?

    Especially with COVID and just not having many friends in general, I’m kind of limited on actors. Can I be featured in it? Is that allowed for me to still produce and direct it but also be a lead actor? There’s only like 2-3 actors that occur in the film.
  2. A

    Attending (Admitted w/o Interview) Film Production- LMU 2021

  3. penelope

    Admitted (w/o Interview) LMU - Film and TV Production 2021

  4. nmkey21

    Applied NYU-Film & Television

  5. Y

    Waitlisted (w/o Interview) LMU Film and Production MFA

  6. killakween

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) LMU: Film & TV Production MFA (Fall 2021)

  7. A

    Denied (w/o Interview) USC Film Production

    NO Interview
  8. Vicky H

    Applied emerson film mfa 2021

  9. X

    Admitted (After Interview) UGA MFA Film, Television, and Digital Media

    First time applying. Submitted my application the day of the deadline. I also submitted a short film I did cinematography for, a film reel, and a 20-page screenplay.
  10. L

    Admitted (After Interview) USC Film & TV MFA

    Submitted one minute before the deadline (😬) but it wouldn't accept my link to my video submission. I emailed immediately after and sent the link along with my official transcript as they had also mentioned to email, and they messaged back the next day or so saying they opened my application...
  11. folio

    Denied (After Interview) USC - MFA - Fall 2021

  12. H

    Waitlisted (w/o Interview) LMU Film and Television Production 2021

  13. mdunn21la

    Interviewed USC Film and Television Production MFA

    The application process was quite fun. The interview was a great conversation.
  14. University of New Orleans

    University of New Orleans

    The goal of UNO Film Arts Program is to train the independent filmmaker to give their students the best chance of success in the technical and competitive profession of filmmaking. UNO has one of the most technically advanced film programs in the country. It includes a motion capture facility...
  15. R

    Waitlisted (w/o Interview) LMU Film and TV Production MFA Fall 2021

  16. I

    Admitted (After Interview) USC - Film and TV Production MFA Fall 2021

  17. J

    Admitted (After Interview) FSU Grad Film MFA Fall 2021

  18. zarazee

    Denied (w/o Interview) MFA Film Production - University of Texas at Austin

  19. Abel Guan

    Denied (w/o Interview) USC SCA Film Production MFA

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