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filmmaking mfa

  1. R

    Ohio University MFA

    Hello everybody, I've been struggling to zero-in on a good film school. I found the Ohio University's Film School very appealing for various reasons: 1) It's light on the pocket. 2) Good facilities. Great program. Especially given the tuition fee, I think it's great value for money. 3) The...
  2. Addi Ajmani

    Applied NYU - MFA Film 2020

  3. Chris W

    Blog about your MFA FIlm School experience on FilmSchool.org

    As you may or may not know... FilmSchool.org now has a blog section where users can create their own blogs on the site and write blogs, journals, or whatever the heck you want. The world is your oyster. Blog Entries | FilmSchool.org - The Best Film School Reviews & Forums @IndecisiveElle has...

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