1. Chris W

    New Feature Easy way to post an Application Update on your application

    We just launched a new feature that makes it easy to post an Update to your application by using the "Post an update" button below on your Application: Use it to add a quick note about getting a call or an e-mail or anything really. You will still currently also need to edit your application...
  2. Chris W

    New Feature What are everyone's FREE favorite filmmaking and screenwriting resources?

    What are everyone's FREE favorite filmmaking and screenwriting resources? Thanks to our Supporting Members, we've added a new section of the site where you can add your favorites: Please add your own and share them with our community. No SPAM or...
  3. Chris W

    New Feature Most Helpful Positive and Most Helpful Critical Film School Reviews block

    A new feature we've just implemented is a Most Helpful Positive and Most Helpful Critical Reviews block on a film school's review page similar to how it is done on sites such as Amazon: The block will only display if there is both a helpful positive review AND a helpful negative review (and...
  4. Chris W

    Created new "Interview Questions" forum

    I created a new Interview Questions forum to have a place for all the... interview questions that people have. :) I also renamed the Application Interview Acceptance forums to just Application Year Threads to avoid confusion. Is that a...
  5. Chris W

    Lounge Revamped

    I've revamped the Film School Lounge forum by using thread prefixes to categorize the different thread types. The lounge is for instructions and fun threads to pass the time while applying to film school and or waiting to hear back from...
  6. Chris W

    Implemented Application Tracker Improvements

    I've added a general "Application Materials Description" to the tracker as I think it will be helpful to other people to see a general description of what people submitted. What writing prompts they chose or what portfolio option they did... Etc... (This would only visible to site members and...
  7. Chris W

    Be sure to update your Signature with where you are applying to

    Be sure to update your post Signature with where you are applying, currently attending, or an alumni from. More tips and examples on this guide below:
  8. Member Tips & Tricks Member Tips & Tricks

    Thank you for being a member of our site! Here are some tips and tricks that will help you as a member. Upload an Avatar An avatar is the image in your profile that shows up next to all of your posts. Having an avatar should boost engagement with your posts and threads. To add a custom one...
  9. Chris W

    Implemented You can now "recommend a film school" when writing a film school review. 👍👍

    A new feature has been added today... Now when you review a film school in our film school database you can select if you would recommend the school or not: Please edit and update your reviews to add that info if you can. It will also show how many people recommended the school on the review...
  10. Chris W

    NEW FEATURES: Similar threads, Question & Answer voting, User Profile banners, & GIF support

    I'm happy to announce the following great new features on the site. Enjoy! Similar Threads In addition to a list of similar threads at the bottom of posts, now when you post a new thread it will show a list of other threads that may be similar to what you are about to post in case you want to...
  11. Chris W

    NEW FEATURE: Dark Mode 💡 💡 💡 💡

    New feature... you can now easily toggle into dark mode for night reading by clicking the LighBulb 💡 icon in the top right (on desktop).... Or clicking "Dark Mode" at bottom of page on mobile. Enjoy! If you have any questions, tweaks, or suggestions please let me know. :)
  12. Chris W

    Lifetime Supporting Membership Sale for Month of May 10% OFF (LIMITED COUPON CODE)

    If you've found helpful you can show your support by becoming a Lifetime Supporting Member for only $18 (10% off) for the month of May. The coupon is limited to the first 10 uses. Use the coupon code: LIFETIME0520 Supporting...
  13. Chris W

    Application Tracker Update

    I added the 2021 categories this morning to get ready for the next year's batch. 2,621 applications in the tracker and only 16 more 2020 applications needed to beat 2019. :)
  14. Chris W

    NEW FEATURE: Sorting and Searching Film Schools!!! :)

    Thanks to our AMAZING and wonderful Supporting Members I've been able to finance the development of a sorting and filtering feature for the Film Schools on the site just as you can sort and filter applications in the application tracker. You can now sort...
  15. Chris W

    Fun Threads Leaderboard

    The site has a a Top Posters leaderboard and a Highest Reaction Score leaderboard. @dorkydiana has made it into the top 10 of the highest reaction one. :) @Septopus7 is there closest to breaking through into the top 10 of the Top Posters one. :)
  16. Chris W

    Most Ever Online Widget

    For fun I added the most ever online stat: This is in addition to the Top Posters widget and the Highest Reaction Score widget.
  17. Chris W

    INPUT NEEDED: Your questions for USC SCA Film Admissions faculty :)

    Prior forum member and current USC Film School Admissions faculty member @USCSCAAlumni/Faculty has generously agreed to be interviewed for an article on this site next week. (Awesome and thank you!) If you have any questions that you would like us to ask them please respond with them below...
  18. How to use the Film School Application Database & Tracker

    How to use the Film School Application Database & Tracker

    Thanks to our many members, the Application Database and Tracker consists of over 2,900 applications that date back to 2015, making it one of the most advantageous tools on the website. Its basic function is to track film schools’ rates of acceptance, minimum GPAs, and decision...
  19. Chris W

    HOT TO: Join Private Film School Clubs, get Film School Badges, & access Private School Forums

    The Student Club system is a perk for Supporting Members that allows accepted applicants, current students, or alumni to have private discussions that are not visible to non-members and el Google. Think of it as similar to Facebook's Private Groups. It's a safe place for you to share more...
  20. How to Write a Film School Review and Why You Should

    How to Write a Film School Review and Why You Should

    You don’t have to be a current student or an alum to write a review for a film school! Whether you’re an applicant, interested student, faculty member, current student, or alum, we want to hear from you. Are you currently wondering, “Which film schools should I apply to?” One of the most...

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