financial aid

  1. X

    Financial Aid: How to land a full (or partial) ride?

    Hi there folks, Does anyone have any advice for receiving a full ride (once accepted) to an MFA program? There isn't a whole lot of information available on this topic. Furthermore, the whole process feels a bit like a negotiation, or even worse, a game of poker. You hear/read stories about...
  2. rohanam

    International Students - Potential Universities providing Scholarships

    Hello, I'm an international student looking to apply for grad film school for fall 2021. I have been extensively researching for schools to apply to, the ones where there is a possibility of aid/scholarship as an int. student. However, UNCSA which was my top choice but on mailing their financial...
  3. R


    Hi everyone, I apologize if there's a post that already addresses these questions. I'll be applying to film school in the Fall for an MFA in Directing (UCLA, USC, Tisch, and Columbia) and I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with receiving scholarships, federal aid, and...
  4. Financing Your Film School MFA: Your Guide to Financial Aid

    Financing Your Film School MFA: Your Guide to Financial Aid

    Whether you dream of using USC as a launching pad into the Hollywood hierarchy or want to hone your documentary storytelling at NYU, a graduate degree in film promises to help you develop the skills and connection you need to succeed. But first you have to pay for it. Graduate programs in...
  5. E

    USC v Northwestern Screenwriting

    I’ve committed to USC, but somewhat out of the blue got accepted to northwestern this past week and they’ve offered me a scholarship. It’s not full tuition, but it’s going to be a lot less debt than USC, which is obviously a major concern of mine. USC really sold their connections (both to the...
  6. amlena

    Chapman MFA Screenwriting - Attend or Try Again Next Year?

    Hey all. I'm really in a funk right now and could use some advice. I got an extension from Chapman, but I need to submit a decision by Thursday. I received my financial aid offer a few days ago, and Chapman has only given me loans. No scholarship or award money, which I was really bummed about...
  7. Tina Berardi

    Scholarship Applications

    Hi! I'm applying to LMU, DePaul, UCLA, Texas, Chapman, and maybe Boston U for MFA in screenwriting programs, and noticed that there are pages posted for scholarship opportunities on each site, but I'm unsure exactly what I could get upon applying, particularly at UCLA... they have a whole page...
  8. CloudedPage

    All Things Money

    Hi guys, Ok, so I can see that there's some drips of information dotted in the forum, but I'm really trying to get my head around this, and being an international student, I've found it hard to get solid information. Personally, I'm hoping to apply to USC and UCLA. I've been a uni student...
  9. fightclubsoap

    Tisch international student help!

    So I'm from South Africa and intend on applying as an undergraduate to Tisch Film & Television but after doing quite a bit of research and still being pretty confused I've come here, to see if you kind people could point me in the right direction. 1. Firstly, as my country's national exam is...
  10. spagett

    Can we talk a little about money?

    About 15 years ago, I knew a guy who worked as a regional sales rep for Verizon Wireless and was known for employing crazy, offbeat sales techniques. He once told me about a time when he tried a new approach on a potential customer. A man wandered over to the cell phone display and was...
  11. K

    Any Americans that have attended NFTS in the UK?

    Hello friends! I was wondering if anyone out there is an American or knows of an American that has attended The National Film and Television School in the UK. This is less of a cultural/diversity topic and more of my concern about the financial aid process (US federal and private) for US...
  12. K

    Schools with best financial aid?

    I'm looking to apply to MFA programs this fall (mostly in screenwriting). I was wondering which schools are known for giving out good financial aid packages. I just graduated from college and would like to avoid going much more in debt (though I realize some debt is inevitable). Thanks...

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