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  1. Chris W

    Film School MEMES

  2. Chris W

    Happy Leap Day!

    Once every four years!
  3. Chris W

    What is your avatar?

    It was a still from one of my favorite movies Princess Bride but now it's Throw Momma from the Train because we all love us some Danny DeVito. What's yours? You can change it here: If you're a Supporting Member you can also edit the text beneath from...
  4. Chris W

    How did you choose your username?

    Well mine is nothing exciting. It's my first name and then W for Wienerschnitzel because I love me some corn dogs on a stick. What's your user name mean?
  5. Chris W

    Are you...?

    Are you...?
  6. Chris W

    Favorite movie dialogue of all time?

    What's your favorite monologue or line in a movie? I'll have to think about it.... But continuing on my Princess Bride theme, Vizzini's "never get involved in a land war in Asia" rant is up there. Hilarious. Btw if you've never read Cary Elwes book on making the film I highly recommend it.
  7. Chris W

    2020 Oscars Discussion

    Here's the complete nomination list: BEST PICTURE Ford v Ferrari Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping and James Mangold, Producers The Irishman Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Producers Jojo Rabbit Carthew Neal and Taika Waititi, Producers Joker Todd...
  8. Chris W


    Finally watching HBO's Succession. In episode 4 now and Cameron freaking out at the charity event is hilarious. That is all.
  9. Chris W

    Favorite movie scene of all time?

    What's your favorite movie scene of all time? I'm not sure about all time but it certainly is up there for me. The reveal in Shawshank. Or of course the pie eating from Stand by Me. I'll probably think of others.
  10. Chris W

    PARASITE film discussion

    I saw Parasite this past week. Good stuff. Really quirky and funny. I kinda knew that is was going to end badly for them but I certainly was surprised by HOW. Lots of good twists. The flood scene was also excellent. You also liked the characters but kind of in a detached way if that makes any...
  11. Chris W

    What Film or TV show are you watching tonight?

    I'm watching a screener of Blackkklansman. :)
  12. Chris W

    Where did you go to Undergrad?

    Where did you go to Undergrad? I went to BU Film (COM). Class of 99. Didn't go to a grad film program.

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