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  1. B

    Any film schools where students can make a feature film?

    I read an interview with Black List founder and CEO Franklin Leonard in which he said, "Film schools encourage students to make their final project a feature.” Which film schools allow or encourage their students to make feature length films in school? I only know about programs where students...
  2. L

    Corporate Law vs MFA/SCA

    I am currently in my second year at a top fourteen law school. I want to pursue a career in entertainment. My ideal job would to be a writer or show runner but I also am interested in the business side (I have an undergrad degree in economics from an ivy league) and would gladly pursue producing...
  3. Adam Johnson

    Difficult road ahead - advice?

    I've been wanting to explore grad programs for next year and Ive hit a few snags. In short: - Low GPA - No letters of rec (its been more than a decade since I was in school) - BFA in photo, not film - I owe money to old school through an unfortunate misunderstanding Because I owe money (they...
  4. dkimg21

    MFA at UCLA, Columbia ... or wait for COVID to end?

    Hi all, Longtime lurker here, but I applied to a few programs to pursue my MFA this upcoming Fall. So far, NYU flat out rejected me. However, I was accepted to the UCLA Production/Directing program and waitlisted for Columbia's Screenwriting/Directing program, both after interviews. Even though...
  5. dorkydiana

    questions to ask during interview

    hey peeps so i just got an interview request for lmu and i was wondering if u guys could drop some questions u would normally ask during an interview...i have a really bad habit of blanking out during interviews like for jobs and stuff and i end up looking so stupid bc everything seems pretty...
  6. M

    Admitted (After Interview) Columbia - Creative Producing

    First time applying to Columbia, accepted to program on 3/15!
  7. seok

    Syracuse Film MFA Fall 2019

    Hi all, My name is Seok and I'm currently in my third year doing MFA in Film at Syracuse University (Transmedia VPA). It's a pretty neat program with amazing faculty and people. We are generally more geared to independent films and the MFA program admits between 5-8 people per year. I know film...
  8. Aqua

    Introductions Hi everyone, I need advice!

    So hi, I'm a rising senior studying communication with a minor in film studies. I had no intention of ever going to grad school but recently found myself with 10 tabs open of different grad sites and lists of grad programs through the US. So yea, I'm kinda worried because my first two years of...
  9. IndecisiveElle

    Other Women in Film Panel Discussion

    I recently participated in group discussion recently about the roles of women in the film industry along with three other filmmakers from the Metro-Detroit area. It's now available on YouTube so I thought I'd share the link. I hope some of you enjoy it. PS yes, that is an awkward and candid...
  10. How to Handle Rejections from Film School

    How to Handle Rejections from Film School

    You didn’t get in. Now what? First of all, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. If you want to read more about my personal experiences with rejection, I have a blog post on it. But what this article is going to focus on is the steps you can take now to either move on or improve your chances for...
  11. Zeno

    Waitlisted at Columbia/AFI/UCLA/USC/UT/FSU/NYU/Chapman/LMU

    Just saw Chris's post saying traffic on the site had slowed and congratulating everyone on their efforts for this years round. My reaction was: thanks Chris but hold on there just a second! I've met a few folks who are waitlisted and holding out for first choice schools. I got into Art Center...
  12. Patrick Clement

    Big Shake Up @ AFI

    Ouch AFI Faculty In Revolt After Recent Firings
  13. LilyMunster

    USC admits fall 16 stats

    Hi everyone, I am going to apply to usc for fall 2017(unless they have spring admissions for 2017; do they?). Anyway, if you were admitted to their mfa in writing for film/tv would you share your stats? Your gpa, etc. My gpa is a 3.48 and I just want to know if I have a chance. I was already...
  14. IndecisiveElle

    LMU - GRE?

    I'm curious for those who are applying to LMU (or even better got in!) if you took the GRE and if you are submitting a score? As I'm several years out of undergrad and have been working professional in the film industry I have not previously taken the GRE - my undergrad grades easily meet their...
  15. J

    Peter Stark Producing Program Fall 2016

    Hi Anyone have any hints or tips on how to get accepted into this program?. I am curious to see how many people applied to the Stark program for Fall 2016. I applied already and the interview with Richard Shepherd, went well but you never know. How do they select the candidates, based on what...
  16. J

    Interning as a grad student?

    Are internships generally open to graduate film students? As an undergrad, I've only had one summer internship in a foreign country. I'll be going to USC this fall and I'd like to work part-time while pursuing the MFA, but was thinking I may need to intern first for the experience. So... does...
  17. Jung-min Yeo

    Is a campus tour helpful?

    Hello, it is my pleasure to write my first thread in this forum. I think many of you are passionate students who would like to succeed in the field of film. Recently, I got a chance to attend NYU as a visiting student in this summer and will stay in New York City for 6 weeks. Although I am in...
  18. E

    How Long Is Long Enough (for film school)?

    I'm currently deciding between grad school television programs. My goals (for now, at least) are in showrunning, and LMU's Writing and Producing for Television program and BU's Television MS with a focus in Writing/Producing seem to be the best fits. My issue with both however is lengths. At...
  19. M

    advice on schools

    I am 34 and i am thinking about going to grad school to get my MFA in screenwriting. I graduated fall 2013 from a school in northern california with a degree in film studies so internships, there were none. I wanna be able to teach that is my reason to go back to school and if i sell a script...
  20. Lucky Director

    2015 Narrative Film Directing MFA - UCLA Only - Did you get your interview?

    A thread for applicants to the 2015 UCLA graduate program in directing. What's your background? What kind of stories do you intend to tell? What do you think of the way the program is organized? Has your interview request come in yet? Etc.!

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