1. Ele

    UCLA MFA Screenwriting 2018 (Fall 2018)

    Hi! Has anyone heard back from UCLA's Screenwriting MFA yet (2018)? Just wondering if anyone has already been selected for an interview. If selected, when do you guys think we can expect to hear from them? I know it varies from year to year, just wondering if interviews have already started.
  2. Cody

    USC MFA 2018 Spring Applications.

    I wanted to check and see if anyone here is applying for the 2018 spring semester at USC? If so has anyone started their application yet?
  3. Q

    Chances of getting into NYU MBA/MFA Producing Program? Acceptance rate?

    Hey everyone. Is there anyone that graduated from, is currently attending, or has insights into the NYU MBA/MFA dual program, particularly in regard to their acceptance rate, number of students admitted, average age, and the desired GPA range and/or test scores they may be looking for? My...
  4. J

    Thoughts on Chapman's Grad Directing program?

    Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone here knows much about Chapman's MFA in Film Directing? I know lots of people who attended as undergrads, but not many who can speak on the grad program qualities and aspects. If anyone has any thoughts or know people who attended, or can at least tell if they...
  5. Layne Inselman

    My Months of Grad School Research Compiled into ONE Master Post!

    After a back-and-forth chat with Chris, the guy responsible for this amazing forum, he asked if I would share the pages of research and info I have been gathering as I narrowed down the graduate schools I was looking into for applying. And since I have finally finished all my applications (all...
  6. J

    UCLA MFA Application Procedures

    Could someone clarify this for me? The UCLA Screenwriting MFA Application procedures says to both UPLOAD and MAIL the departmental application along with the statement of purpose and writing samples. Is it just me or does this seem rather strange? I'm mostly concerned because I'm living abroad...