graduate film schools

  1. isocan

    film lover from Istanbul

    Hello everyone! I am a film lover from Istanbul. I am looking a graduate school, it is about directing education in Los Angeles.
  2. Ele

    UCLA MFA Screenwriting 2018 (Fall 2018)

    Hi! Has anyone heard back from UCLA's Screenwriting MFA yet (2018)? Just wondering if anyone has already been selected for an interview. If selected, when do you guys think we can expect to hear from them? I know it varies from year to year, just wondering if interviews have already started.
  3. R

    Ucla mfa Production/Directing

    Hi guys, This is my first post.I am planning to apply for UCLA's MFA in production/direction program. I have a few queries.Forgive me if I sound naive.This is my first year applying. 1) In the FAQs section it was mentioned that the GRE for MFA program is optional ,but not required. I have a GRE...
  4. bags

    Decisions 2016!

    Hey All! Need any help or info I can on UK film schools and what you've heard about them. I am American but I'd really like to get into London international film world. I've interviewed and have gotten into Arts University Bournemouth, Leeds Beckett University, London Film Academy, and...
  5. juny3847

    School Suggestion

    Hey everyone! First off, my apologies if this post is redundant and many thanks for any advice offered. I'm getting ready for a five-week film intensive offered by the International Film Institute at Sarah Lawrence College in July and am super excited. I'm planning on applying to graduate...
  6. M

    The Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema now accepting applications

    Brooklyn College and the City University of New York's Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema is now accepting applications for Fall 2015. We'll be offering an MFA in Cinema Arts, with specializations in Screenwriting, Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Postproduction and Digital Arts...