1. F

    Admitted (After Interview) Columbia College Chicago - Cinema & TV Directing MFA

  2. A

    NYU Tisch MFA vs Columbia MFA ; Director/Writer

    I know this has been debated a bit but after reading all the threads I still feel the need to ask. I have been accepted into both Columbia and NYU Tish Graduate program and I dont know which one to choose. I'm looking for a program that will train me best as a writer AND director. Everyone...
  3. Siddharth Menon

    Prague Film School

    Hey there guys! Does anyone have any idea / review / opinion about the Prague Film School? I've spoken to two students and they loved it. Focuses purely on praxis oriented learning and students have to do several films in a year. Plus the cost is also highly affordable and prague is not a...
  4. Siddharth Menon

    Two Year MFA?

    Hey guys, Which are the universities you would suggest that has a Two year MFA as opposed to the Three year one? I know the one at Florida State University is a 2 year MFA. Being an international student, the extra one year does add onto the cumulative costs and thus it is a bit worrisome...
  5. Chris W

    Did you go to Undergrad for film? If so... Why get a film MFA also?

    I've noticed over the years that there's a large percentage of people who went to Undergrad film school who are also applying to grad school for film? I'm wondering what are your reasons? More connections? More time to hone craft? Undergrad school wasn't good? Want to learn more? I'm...
  6. S

    Academy Of Arts San Francisco in 2019 - Need some advice.

    Hey guys, I'll keep this brief: I have the opportunity to go to the Academy Of Arts on a full ride (Athletics). I want to study film/film directing and because of my athletics it means I can study there for free. However, I know the reviews for this university are TERRIBLE. I've never seen such...
  7. BuddernScotch

    How I Got In To Film School: Application / Interview Process Information and AMA

    (As with all information, take with grain of NaCl) Hello there potential filmschool applicants! The application / interview process can be stressful and confusing. Information online is scattered around in bits and are often third hand or from a decade ago. You may feel like you're trying to...
  8. NLegger

    Choosing a film school as an F-1 Student

    I'm an international student that just graduated from UTampa. Unfortunately, due to Visa complications that I had during my last semester in undergrad, I was a little late to the school application game. That being said, I still rounded up a bunch of schools that were still taking applicants and...
  9. C

    MFA in Screenwriting: USC or NYU?

    Hello! Last week I got an acceptance letter from USC. I'm ecstatic to know I've been accepted there, it's really a dream coming true! I also interviewed with NYU today and it went quite well, so I think I may have some chance to land NYU as well. Thus I thought I might do some research, in case...
  10. S

    Applied NYU Tisch – Graduate Film

  11. Shane McSauby

    Tisch Cost of Living

    So I've heard that the Tisch Grad Film program is too intensive to try balance school with a normal job. Does anyone have experience or an opinion on this? Did you just get out loans to pay for general living expenses like rent and food? How much money did you plan for?
  12. Jaida Rukiya

    USC MFA in Screenwriting Applicants 2018

    Hey everyone, so after getting over the anxiety of having submitted an application that could drastically change the rest of my life I'm curious to meet those people that could become my fellow cohorts and also share this stress inducing journey as we wait on admission decisions. A little bit...
  13. Jacob Kessler

    Where is money better spent, undergraduate or graduate film school?

    This coming fall I will be a sophomore at Pace University in NYC. I am not a huge fan of the school's film program due to its underdevelopment, lack of professional level resources, and overwhelming focus on film studies as opposed to film production (though it claims to have an even balance...
  14. H

    Emerson MFA Media Arts

    Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker and this forum really helps (I did the spreadsheet!!!) I heard back from Emerson few days ago, but now I'm a little bit confused about their school style. From their website, Media Arts program contains narrative, experiment and documentary, which gives me a...
  15. C

    Can't decide which film school in L.A.

    Hi, This is my first post so hopefully I started this thread in right section. Currently Im in my senior year at cinema&tv departmant in a Turkish university.Here's the thing.I'm planning to go a film school in los angeles.My intentions are staying at there and working in film industry.But I'm...
  16. Alison Hendrix

    Screenwriting MFA Application Advice

    Hi all! Graduated last year with a BA in Cinema Studies and English Writing. Am applying to this year's round of Screenwriting MFAs. I'm from NY so I'm really trying to only do USC, UCLA, and Michener. Was wondering if any acceptees were still lurking around and could offer up some general...
  17. juny3847

    School Suggestion

    Hey everyone! First off, my apologies if this post is redundant and many thanks for any advice offered. I'm getting ready for a five-week film intensive offered by the International Film Institute at Sarah Lawrence College in July and am super excited. I'm planning on applying to graduate...
  18. M

    advice on schools

    I am 34 and i am thinking about going to grad school to get my MFA in screenwriting. I graduated fall 2013 from a school in northern california with a degree in film studies so internships, there were none. I wanna be able to teach that is my reason to go back to school and if i sell a script...
  19. C

    What should I use for my visual samples?

    Hey there! I'm in the process off applying to directing programs at AFI, USC, NYU, and Columbia for Fall 2014, and I'm trying to figure out which of my projects to feature and in what order I should place them on my visual sample. I know that narrative films are always preferred over music...
  20. rainwhole

    Chapman Applicants 2013/2014

    Hi guys, I am starting this thread for those of us who are currently putting our applications together for Chapman Dodge College graduate programs. I haven't seen one for current applicants anywhere on the site, so let me know if I am creating an already existent thread. This is a great...

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