interview questions

  1. Alexa P.

    What questions do you have for the Loyola Marymount University admissions department?

    I'm excited to announce our admissions department interview with Loyola Marymount University is taking place this September! In 2022, THR ranked LMU no. 8 in its annual list of the top film schools in America, and U.S. News & World Report ranked LMU no. 14 in the nation for best undergraduate...
  2. Chris W

    USC Film School Interview Questions

    Please share your USC interview questions in this thread as well as the application year thread. :) Also here's our old article with past interview questions to all programs:
  3. Chris W

    AFI Interview Questions

    Here are some interview questions from this year. Please quote and post others in this thread that you find.
  4. S

    USC INTERVIEW - Legit or Scam!?!

    So I received an email from what looks to be an assistant of a USC professor. The email doesn’t include my full name, nor my USC number and its not at USC, but @aol. Is that normal!?
  5. Alexa P.

    What questions do you have for Columbia University Film School admissions department? is excited to announce our interview with Columbia University School of the Arts! Columbia is among the top-ranked film schools in the United States and the world. In 2022, The Hollywood Reporter named Columbia SOA no. 7 on its annual list of the 25 best American film schools...
  6. F

    Any advice for Feirstein graduate School of Cinema (Brooklyn College) Interview?

    Hi! I've been accepted for an interview from BC wherein I am specializing in Post Prod. I come from a nontraditional background (I am actually from the medical field) and will be transitioning to film (hopefully soon!). So any advice to conquer my interviews? or commonly asked questions by the...
  7. sidsingh

    Regarding Calarts 2022 interview

    Hey guys didn't see a thread for calarts 2022 so here we go. just had a few questions regarding their interview background and expectations, specifically the film direction course. if anyone has any minute input, please let me know. Thanks :)
  8. B

    Requesting info on MetFilm School and its MA interview questions

    Hi, I'm Bhavya an Indian applicant for Metfilm School London MA postgraduate courses in Producing, Film and Television Production, and Directing. I will be interviewed for all three courses in the next two days. Hence it is an urgent request for anyone and everyone who have any knowledge about...
  9. omsnyc3

    Should I follow up with thank you email to those who interviewed me?

    Hey there, Looking for any advice on this. Prior to my interview for NYU's Grad Film MFA, I was given the names of the faculty who would be conducting my interview - however I was not given their contact info. Their school emails are publicly available on the school's site/their page however...
  10. Chris W

    Questions that you'd like to ask Current Film Students?

    Doing some more interviews with current students soon. What questions would you like to ask them? Here are some questions I already have ready. What's your day in the life? How much to you collaborate with your peers? What do you wish you knew before you started? What's your favorite thing...
  11. dorkydiana

    questions to ask during interview

    hey peeps so i just got an interview request for lmu and i was wondering if u guys could drop some questions u would normally ask during an interview...i have a really bad habit of blanking out during interviews like for jobs and stuff and i end up looking so stupid bc everything seems pretty...
  12. 9 Important Tips for your Film School Interview

    9 Important Tips for your Film School Interview

    Got your film school interview coming up? The application and admission process for a competitive film school program can be overwhelming; our forums provide tons of experience from members spread out over the years on how their interview went, the questions they asked, and, in hindsight, the...
  13. Mkidd29

    Admitted (Off Waitlist After Interview) LMU - Film and TV Production

  14. cwarren

    AFI - Editing Interview Questions & Advice 2019

    I recently scheduled a Skype interview for AFI's editing program and wanted to know if previous applicants remember the questions they were asked or have any helpful advice. Thanks!
  15. Film School Interview Questions

    Film School Interview Questions

    This is a list of ACTUAL interview questions reported from posts from our members from the thousands of posts over the years on these boards. Please leave a reply in the discussion thread with any that you've had and I'll update the article. Also WEAR NICE CLOTHES TO YOUR INTERVIEW - as an AFI...
  16. Chris W

    Film School Interview Questions (Please reply with Questions that you were asked during your interview)

    This is a list of ACTUAL interview questions reported from posts from our members from the thousands of posts over the years on these boards. Please edit the WIKI to add your own. Also WEAR NICE CLOTHES TO YOUR INTERVIEW - as an AFI interviewer said according to the forums - "He said he...

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