1. How to get into FSU's College of Motion Picture Arts: Tips from Paige Roberts, Head of Admissions (Part 1)

    How to get into FSU's College of Motion Picture Arts: Tips from Paige Roberts, Head of Admissions (Part 1)

    In the heart of Tallahassee is the hidden gem of the film industry: Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts. Ranked among the top 15 best film schools in America by the Hollywood Reporter, the CMPA offers top-notch facilities and equipment. Most recently, their Torchlight...
  2. caprimoon

    Research on the MPAA

    Hey Filmmakers, I am a Film Student from Germany and I am currently researching the MPAA for my Bachelors Thesis. If any of you have interacted with them in the past I'd love to Interview you about it! The point of my research is to find out how they work with independant Filmmakers like us...
  3. justinsivilla

    UCLA tft Undergrad transfer Interview?

    Have any transfers received an interview from UCLA tft? I'd assume that this has already happened because admissions decisions for transfers are only a few weeks away. Any insight on this would be helpful.
  4. omsnyc3

    Should I follow up with thank you email to those who interviewed me?

    Hey there, Looking for any advice on this. Prior to my interview for NYU's Grad Film MFA, I was given the names of the faculty who would be conducting my interview - however I was not given their contact info. Their school emails are publicly available on the school's site/their page however...
  5. C

    UCLA TFT undergraduate interviews?

    Hey guys, I applied for TFT back in December and I’m getting kinda anxious about waiting for an interview, since it’s already late February. Does anyone know if they’ve already sent them out for film applications? My friend had told me about how she got an interview as a Theater applicant, and...
  6. L

    If you get an interview email from the school you applied, can you choose the date for the interview?

    Hi guys. So I'm playing the waiting game here and also am practicing some interview questions on my own. I was wondering as I wrote in the title, do I get the chance to choose which dates I'm comfortable for the interview if I get to do the interview? Does anyone know the answer to this?
  7. JoanCrawford

    Northwestern Writing for Screen and Stage Fall 2020

    By golly, I'm making this thread so that I can provide some basic information about this program. I'm about to have my interview and I don't know what they're going to ask me. I'll update this post about my preparation and interview once it happens. Hopefully, someone out in the deep blue...
  8. 9 Important Tips for your Film School Interview

    9 Important Tips for your Film School Interview

    Got your film school interview coming up? The application and admission process for a competitive film school program can be overwhelming; our forums provide tons of experience from members spread out over the years on how their interview went, the questions they asked, and, in hindsight, the...
  9. S

    What to wear for UCLA skype interview

    Hi all! I was recently emailed about being selected for a skype interview for UCLA. I'm freaking out about what to wear, though. I've read that skype interviews are pretty laid back, but I haven't heard how people have dressed for theirs. Casual or business casual? Also, what type of questions...
  10. N

    Anyone know how many transfers get interviewed by UCLA?

    Hi, so I got an email the other day from UCLA saying I have an interview which is super exciting!! I’ve been trying to figure out how many people get this chance? Is it like top 50? I’ve been trying to search all over but I couldn’t say for sure.
  11. Brooklyn

    CalArts - Directing/Film Production - Fall 2019

    ...really??? Nobody cares about CalArts? Such an amazing school where you can do film and animation at the same time? lol I got an interview invitation a couple days ago, and they asked me to go there do it in person while walking around the campus from 9AM to 9PM. No kidding! It's like ⚡Bay...
  12. d890

    MFA Interview Notifications

    Hey all, Have applied for Screenwriting at AFI (got interview) and at BU, and for Film Production at Tisch, USC, UCLA. Does anyone know what the interview notification dates are for each school? Thanks!!
  13. zinala

    UNCSA Screenwriting Applicants 2018

    Have any of you interviewed yet? I don't see many on the spreadsheet. I have my interview this coming Monday, and I'm not too sure what to expect.
  14. I

    Chapman MFA Fall 2017

    I've been wondering why hasn't anyone started a thread for Chapman this year ;P It was a dark horse(kinda?) at the Students Oscars 2016. So here we are... I applied to creative producing and had an interview on 2/25. How is everybody doing?
  15. I

    [CalArts] "Strongly Encouraged" On-Campus Interview

    Hi guys, I applied for Film Directing at CalArts and received email for interview. It says an on-campus interview is strongly encouraged, but Skype is also doable. Now, I'm in a different country and the flight is too pricey so I'll have to go with Skype. But I'm curious if anybody's interviewed...
  16. Chopsuey

    Lodz Film School

    Hello everyone, I'm applying to Lodz Film School (international student), If you have any experience or tips for entrance exam and interviews please share it with me. Thanks a lot! :D
  17. icantmath

    Any MFA writers with a different degree and job experience not in the industry get accepted?

    I would like to apply for an MFA in screenwriting. I have bachelors degrees, but they're not related to theater, film, etc. I also have held administrative jobs that are also not related to the industry (I have applied countless times to assistant positions and internships related to writing and...
  18. Film School Interview Questions

    Film School Interview Questions

    This is a list of ACTUAL interview questions reported from posts from our members from the thousands of posts over the years on these boards. Please leave a reply in the discussion thread with any that you've had and I'll update the article. Also WEAR NICE CLOTHES TO YOUR INTERVIEW - as an AFI...
  19. Chris W

    Film School Interview Questions (Please reply with Questions that you were asked during your interview)

    This is a list of ACTUAL interview questions reported from posts from our members from the thousands of posts over the years on these boards. Please edit the WIKI to add your own. Also WEAR NICE CLOTHES TO YOUR INTERVIEW - as an AFI interviewer said according to the forums - "He said he...
  20. M

    post interview thank you note

    Hello, Did you send out a hand written thank you note after your interview? Is this important? Is an email better? The interview was 3 weeks ago. I know they just did the 2nd round of interviewing and will be deciding in the next 2 weeks. Any thoughts?

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