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  1. 9 Important Tips for your Film School Interview

    9 Important Tips for your Film School Interview

    Got your film school interview coming up? The application and admission process for a competitive film school program can be overwhelming; our forums provide tons of experience from members spread out over the years on how their interview went, the questions they asked, and, in hindsight, the...
  2. Film School Interview Questions

    Film School Interview Questions

    This is a list of ACTUAL interview questions reported from posts from our members from the thousands of posts over the years on these boards. Please leave a reply in the discussion thread with any that you've had and I'll update the article. Also WEAR NICE CLOTHES TO YOUR INTERVIEW - as an AFI...
  3. Chris W

    Film School Interview Questions

    This is a list of ACTUAL interview questions reported from posts from our members from the thousands of posts over the years on these boards. Please edit the WIKI to add your own. Also WEAR NICE CLOTHES TO YOUR INTERVIEW - as an AFI interviewer said according to the forums - "He said he didn't...
  4. M

    post interview thank you note

    Hello, Did you send out a hand written thank you note after your interview? Is this important? Is an email better? The interview was 3 weeks ago. I know they just did the 2nd round of interviewing and will be deciding in the next 2 weeks. Any thoughts?
  5. IndecisiveElle

    Northwestern - Writing for Screen and Stage

    Any NU alum still around? Considering it's such a small and highly selective program, I'm having a hard time finding any sort of admissions timeline for interviews or when people received acceptance. I understand it is slightly rolling until all 12 spots are filled and this year they're saying...
  6. katavi08

    2016 Interviews- Acceptances- Rejections

    Hi all! Starting a new forum for us to keep track of interviews, acceptances, and rejections. I'm posting the spreadsheet here as well. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-QPRZ-gc15WuHBmlxorJiTS1z-8vE-7uUttLDdxHtE0/edit#gid=0 If you haven't done so already, please fill it out! :)
  7. Film Guy

    A Brief Guide to the MFA Production Interview

    Hey guys! I was recently accepted to the MFA in Production program at Florida State. For me, preparing for the interview was a nerve-wracking process. However, I knew quite a few people in the BFA program and was able to help prepare myself for a few of the questions they asked me. I'm here to...
  8. Patrick Clement

    Portfolio Film (as of 2/18) Accepted - Austin, Interviews - AFI, NYU, Columbia

    Wanted to share my singular Directing MFA video portfolio item. I submitted only this film (or portions of the film) as my portfolios. As of today (4/19/16) I have had: Acceptances Austin Columbia Waitlist NYU AFI Interviews NYU AFI Columbia Just as a note, I am not a very strong academic...
  9. Lucky Director

    2015 Narrative Film Directing MFA - UCLA Only - Did you get your interview?

    A thread for applicants to the 2015 UCLA graduate program in directing. What's your background? What kind of stories do you intend to tell? What do you think of the way the program is organized? Has your interview request come in yet? Etc.!
  10. De4our

    2015 Interviews - Acceptances - Rejections

    Hey all, Wanted to start a thread for all the twitchy, anxious film nerds like myself who are still waiting on notices from the graduate programs. I applied exclusively for a directing and producition MFA at UT Austin, UCLA, NYU, FSU, and LMU. So far I have been accepted by UT Austin, and have...
  11. M

    NFTS interviews for MA editing

    For the interview in MA editing they said they are making a visual exercise... Does anyone know what is this test about?
  12. JFadley

    2014' Acceptance / Interviews / Rejections

    After looking through the site, I've noticed that most of the threads are spread out by school or outdated by a year. As such, I'm going to start a new post for those of us that submitted MFA packages for the upcoming fall semester. I personally submitted to: Columbia College Chicago USC...
  13. M

    Can I schedule an appointment for interview of Stark Producing Program now?

    Will I still have the chance to schedule an appointment for the interview now? Will there be too much people applying already and the school cannot accommodate me? Please give me some advices! Thank you!
  14. AlexanderDominic

    How to affroid a interview for a Screewriter Film School? (NFTS)

    HelloFamily!! I am very reciently new here, where such place look to me a very good home and I don't know if I am writing in the rigth place and if I am doing a simple question, I hope don't disturb someone if yes, please don't be matters, sorry about that, I will need more time to do a rigth...
  15. C

    Questions to ask in a Film interview

    Hello guys, I have a interview for Montclair State University, under a film making major. This is my second interview and I want to make some improvements. The last interview I had no questions to ask and it was just awkward. So I hope the users on this website can assist me in thinking of...
  16. S

    What to wear to interview?

    I'm interviewing for an MFA in Screenwriting. They gave no helpful info on what to wear. Is a suit too formal? Is a sweater and dress pants too casual? I have no idea. Thanks :)
  17. G

    Producing MFA's Interviews and Acceptances

    Hello fellow producing MFA applicants, I wanted to start this thread to make it easier for us to keep track of interviews and results from the different producing programs. Up till today for me: USC - Skype Interview on february 13th Columbia - Interview in NYC on march the 4th UCLA - No word...
  18. S

    Interview at FSU for MFA in Screenwriting

    Hi All :), I have an interview with FSU's Motion Picture Arts in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to see if anyone here could give me advice on the interview process. How dressed up should I be? What should i bring with me? Any information from past or current students about the types of...
  19. F

    FSU 2013 Film School Interview

    Anyone get a date for 2013 FSU film school interview yet?
  20. B

    Interviews - Acceptances - Rejections - Waitlists

    Greetings! So there are a bunch of wonderful threads for individual schools but there are a few less popular schools I applied to--and I am sure many of you are on the same boat (Boston University, UT Austin, Columbia College Chicago...) I thought it might be a good idea to start a...

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