1. London Film School (LFS) - Directing Summer School with Udayan Prasad

    London Film School (LFS) - Directing Summer School with Udayan Prasad

    Based on an exercise originally devised by FAMU (the Czech National Film School) this 3-week workshop explores the fundamentals of filmmaking from script to screen. Using an apparently straightforward event as its starting point – 'A' drops a handkerchief and 'B' picks it up – the workshop...
  2. afreeman

    LFS Acceptance rate for screenwriting MA +price?

    I am wanting to apply to London Film School's MA program for screenwriting but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many people they accept into the program each year. Also I was curious on the price because on their website it says its only 14K euros which would be awesome haha
  3. R

    Applied London Film School - Filmmaking MA 2021

  4. V

    Advice Need help with you Film MFA application?

    I'm a MFA graduate of a top USA film school and have worked in the film school admissions process for five years while there. I have been offering consultations for people on their applications, short scripts and feature projects. So feel free to reach out and I can share more information on my...
  5. AK006

    Employment Opportunities after LFS graduate school

    Hey everyone, As I am gearing to apply for schools in 2021. My question is how are the employment opportunities after graduate schools like LFS, UK? To cut it short, my goal is to work in a full-time job in an advertising production house or other media production companies such as BBC &...
  6. C

    Admitted After Interview London Film School - MA Screenwriting 2020

    First time applying to this school. I applied to the MetFilm School and the NFTS for screenwriting as well and actually got into the MetFilm School but waited to see what the outcome of my LFS application would be because the whole process with the Met gave me the impression that they mostly...
  7. anathestressbunny

    Admitted After Interview LFS - MA Filmmaking (fall 2020)

  8. julia1

    MA in Producing: MetFilm, London Film School, Goldsmiths or Royal Holloway?

    Hi there! I'm an American applying to these four film schools for my Masters in Producing in London for the fall. I'm impressed with all four programs and have already been accepted to Royal Holloway. I'm trying to figure out which program is the best one, the one that will give me the most...
  9. siddhanth_s

    London Film School 2020

    Hi, I could not find a thread for London Film School. I just interviewed for the Jan 2020 MA Filmmaking program. What is the general consensus about LFS? Has anyone else applied?
  10. bags

    Applied LFS - MA Filmmaking 2016

  11. London Film School

    London Film School

    LFS is renowned for promoting innovation within its student body and is one of the most highly revered film schools in Europe. The academy, located in the heart of London, is one of three UK film schools and is a great place for students to make connections within the film industry and gain...
  12. G

    How hard is it to get into London Film School?

    How hard is it to get into LFS? What are the acceptance rates like? They do not require a student film, but what really are they looking for?
  13. O

    which is better to study screenwriting in London?NFTS or LFS

    I think LFS is winning the race but i need additional opinions. If you got more options, good.
  14. F

    UK film schools: LFS or LFA?

    Hi guys! I want to enrol in a course of filmmaking, someone of you could give me some information/suggestions/advices about these two film schools? I read on the website of LFS that the school is "one of the two graduate schools recognised by the UK film industry" whereas on the webpage of LFA...
  15. Z

    Famu (Prague) or LFS (london)

    Hey everyone, I am from Cairo, Egypt and I just got accepted for an MA on both of London film school (LFS) and (FAMU) in Prague. I find it really hard to choose and was wondering if you can help me out. Which one do you think is better? Thanks P.S: I should be getting a scholarship from a...
  16. L

    Chapman or LFS?

  17. A

    NFTS or LFS?

    Hi, I wanted to know which one of these film schools are better: NFTS (National Film & TV School) or LFS (London Film School)? Can somebody please help. I know it is much harder getting into NFTS but not sure if it's necessarily better than LFS? Thanks, AJ
  18. O

    Again... anybody from LFS?

    ... or who knows someone there, or who could just talk about it... :) Anything is welcomed! Thanks!
  19. F

    London Film School (LFS)

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what everyone here thinks of the London Film School...I've heard many good things...how's it's reputation? Is it on par with the big schools in the US (ie USC, NYU, AFI) How competitive is it? (acceptance rate?) Any details would be appreciated!
  20. A

    Anybody from LFS?

    I wonder if there is anyone here from London who went or at least plans to attend London Film School? I just graduated from Film School here in LA and am planning to attend LFS next year for MFA. If there's someone out there who knows anything about LFS, like attending, how hard it is, living...

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