1. docfilmmakerstudent

    Royal Holloway Digital Documenty MA or UCL Ethnographic & Documentary Film MA

    I am American and looking to get my MA in documentary in the UK, specifically London. Both Royal Holloway and UCL's programs seem very good. They both are taught by professional filmmakers and I would get a lot of hands on experience, like making my own documentaries. UCL seems to have a...
  2. priyadarsh.sarwade

    Personal Statement for London Film School - M.A. Screenwriting - Please help me improve this one!

    Hello! I am planning to apply to LFS for MA Screenwriting in 2021 and I need to submit a personal statement. This is my attempt. Please give your honest feedback and suggestions. Also, please help with the grammar. In India, it is considered a privilege to have a male child. My father wanted...
  3. H

    Admitted (w/o Interview) University of Westminster - Film

    I've applied to 4 other schools in England (UaL, Royal Holloway, LondonMet and King's College) and now I am very confused as to which one I should pick. I also wonder if it's better to study film production later (for a Masters degree) after I've matured, have had more experienced, and developed...
  4. julia1

    MA in Producing: MetFilm, London Film School, Goldsmiths or Royal Holloway?

    Hi there! I'm an American applying to these four film schools for my Masters in Producing in London for the fall. I'm impressed with all four programs and have already been accepted to Royal Holloway. I'm trying to figure out which program is the best one, the one that will give me the most...
  5. siddhanth_s

    London Film School 2020

    Hi, I could not find a thread for London Film School. I just interviewed for the Jan 2020 MA Filmmaking program. What is the general consensus about LFS? Has anyone else applied?
  6. NLegger

    Admitted (After Interview) London Film School - MA in Filmmaking (FA 2019)

    First time applying. The interview was done via Skype with one of the professors. They try to really have a conversation with you about why London, if you're able to handle the school, details about your work, and whether or not you can work in a team/are a team player.
  7. shish


    I applied to this program but wanted to know if anyone had any info regarding the interview stage. I'm currently abroad, am I able to do it via Skype?
  8. M

    One month intensive filmmaking course ?

    Hey, I want to apply to a one month intensive filmmaking certificate in London. So far I saw the one at the Central film school and at the London film academy. I wonder if anybody has any advice about them or if you know any other similar courses in London (or even in any other place) I'll...
  9. London Film School - MA Filmmaking

    London Film School - MA Filmmaking

    LFS is renowned for promoting innovation within its student body and is one of the most highly revered film schools in Europe. The academy, located in the heart of London, is one of three UK film schools and is a great place for students to make connections within the film industry and gain...
  10. Goldsmiths, University of London - MA Filmmaking

    Goldsmiths, University of London - MA Filmmaking

    If you want to be a filmmaker this is the place to learn, gain experience and make films you will be proud to have on your show reel. As a student on one of the six pathways you'll develop your specialist skill. In addition, you'll also have a range of short optional modules in other production...
  11. Luis Cross


    Im a 17 year old college student studying Creative Media Lvl 3 and was looking to attend film school / university. I currently live in Manchester but is open to live away permanently I was looking to attend NYFA in New York if it was financially possible. Or if i would be accepted (does...
  12. A

    What should I do?

    Hi everyone! I'm 18 and I'm from Italy, I'm searching for a film school in London. Could someone help me to understand the differences between undergraduate/graduate/diploma/ecc...? Here in Italy is total different! I'm so confused! (sorry for my bad english :D )
  13. O

    which is better to study screenwriting in London?NFTS or LFS

    I think LFS is winning the race but i need additional opinions. If you got more options, good.

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