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  1. Postcards (LMU)

    Postcards (LMU)

    An exploration of the history and modern day importance of postcards.
  2. Last Bite (LMU)

    Last Bite (LMU)

    In the midst of a global pandemic, a very paranoid vampire orders contactless food delivery.
  3. Valley Relics (LMU)

    Valley Relics (LMU)

    One man's mission to document and preserve the history and pop culture of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. Tommy Gelinas was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. He grew up visiting restaurants, malls, and many other venues that slowly declined and...
  4. Assemblage (LMU)

    Assemblage (LMU)

    An artist invites an especially harsh critic to her studio for an exclusive preview of her latest work.
  5. Eshank Modi

    Studying film in Boston

    How is it like to study film in Boston? How is it different from LA?
  6. karolasmc

    Denied (w/o Interview) Senior in HS, applied to USC SCA Film and TV Production.

    Hi, I'm Karola. I'm a senior in high school from Southern California. I love making videos with my friends. Whether it's writing, directing, acting, editing, shooting, costume design, sound design, I love it all. I also love fashion on the side, along with probably all other art forms, because...
  7. M

    USC Remote Learning - Is moving to Los Angeles worth it?

    I have recently accepted enrollment for USC's Film & TV production MFA in Spring, and am debating whether it is worth relocating to Los Angeles for the program. My partner and many of my friends pursuing graduate degrees in different fields chose to relocate and say that, despite all classes and...
  8. F

    Help! Chapman v. LMU

    Hello, I got accepted to Chapman Dodge Film Program, and am currently waitlisted at LMU Film School. If I get accepted into LMU, which school would you recommend from the 2 and why? As background, I am passionate in film, but I would also like to supplement this with a dual degree in marketing/...
  9. sevs

    LMU vs. UT Austin for Directing/Production?

    If your current ultimate goal is to live and work in Los Angeles, would it make more sense to attend a school that requires you to borrow more money but is located in LA, or to attend a school that requires you to borrow nearly no money whatsoever but is not located in LA? Put another way...
  10. dkimg21

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) UCLA - Directing/Production Fall 2020

  11. Georgie Boyy

    Chapman v. LMU for MFA Screenwriting

    Hey everyone. I've been accepted to both schools and am pretty torn between the two. I know several of you are also in the same boat and I'd love to get some conversation going about this. Let me know what you think!
  12. I

    Los Angeles Housing 2019

    Would really appreciate any tips and suggestions on where to look and where to steer clear! Personally, right now the only school I've heard back from is Loyola Marymount (MFA), but I'm still also waiting to hear from UCLA, so any input on housing for either school would be greatly appreciated...
  13. ak47ksha

    Admitted but Not Attending (After Interview) NYFA - MFA Cinematography 2019

  14. ak47ksha

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) AFI - Cinematography 2019

    First time applying. Application process has been smooth, the admissions department is very helpful. They have some very specific guidelines for portfolio submissions and general rules which were different from other colleges.
  15. Operator

    AFI 2019 Screenwriting

    Who's applying?
  16. eggparanoia

    Link to Housing Options for AFI and USC MFA Students for August 2017

    Congrats to all the incoming AFI and USC MFA students for Fall '17! It seems like there is a large number of us looking for housing for August in the following areas of Central/East L.A.: -- Hollywood, Little Armenia -- Los Feliz, Silverlake, Echo Park -- Atwater Village, Eagle Rock, Highland...
  17. Heisenberg91

    International Students: Health Insurance

    Anybody know anything about where to look for health insurance in California?
  18. Patrick Clement

    Big Shake Up @ AFI

    Ouch AFI Faculty In Revolt After Recent Firings
  19. rulesoferick

    Script Fest LA somebody??

    Hi everybody! I know it's a little too soon but Im pretty excited because Im attending this huge event with a project I just finished with my friends. I would like to share the info with you so you can expose your work as well "Pitch Your Script to more than 120 production companies, agents...

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