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loyola marymount university

  1. J

    Applied LMU Film and Television Production MFA Fall 2021

  2. rainydays

    LMU (Loyola Marymount University) Film Treatment Single or Double Spaced? What Does "Short-Format" Film Project Mean?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew if the LMU Film Production film treatment is single or double spaced? And what exactly do they mean by "short-format film project"? Thanks!
  3. Y

    Applied LMU - Writing and Producting for TV MFA - Fall 2021

  4. A

    Current 3rd Year LMU Film Production MFA student AMA

    Feel free to AMA about LMU's MFA programs (especially film and television production) or about the school in general.
  5. F

    Help! Chapman v. LMU

    Hello, I got accepted to Chapman Dodge Film Program, and am currently waitlisted at LMU Film School. If I get accepted into LMU, which school would you recommend from the 2 and why? As background, I am passionate in film, but I would also like to supplement this with a dual degree in marketing/...
  6. sevs

    LMU vs. UT Austin for Directing/Production?

    If your current ultimate goal is to live and work in Los Angeles, would it make more sense to attend a school that requires you to borrow more money but is located in LA, or to attend a school that requires you to borrow nearly no money whatsoever but is not located in LA? Put another way...
  7. R

    LMU vs Emerson

    Hello! I have been accepted to both LMU and Emerson under Film Production (both with scholarships). I am currently trying to choose between the two... I know that both schools are highly regarded for their programs in Film however I'm not quite sure which school would suit me and also benefit me...
  8. thatchitowndude

    Denied Without Interview LMU Film & TV Production (BA - Undergrad)

    11/1/2020 First time applying. SAT Range 1000-1200 GPA Range 3.40-3.60 12/17/2020 Received email notification to check Status Portal for update the same day decision letter posted. 12/17/2020 Called AO to discuss appeal process. 12/18/2020 At the request of the AO, emailed a brief letter...
  9. IDEK

    LMU "Writing for the Screen" MFA Fall 2020

    Hi! I'm applying for Loyola Marymount University's film writing MFA program for Fall 2020. Which prompt are you doing? At the beginning or end of the scene, a hand holds a knife. A character has to say goodbye to a friend without actually saying they are leaving and won't be back...
  10. I

    Los Angeles Housing 2019

    Would really appreciate any tips and suggestions on where to look and where to steer clear! Personally, right now the only school I've heard back from is Loyola Marymount (MFA), but I'm still also waiting to hear from UCLA, so any input on housing for either school would be greatly appreciated...
  11. sallygr4

    Attending Loyola Marymount MFA SFTV

  12. I

    Admitted After Interview Loyola Marymount University - Film & Television Production 2019

    First time applying. I was notified via email of an invitation to interview and given a preference between two dates the following week. After confirming the interview I was told who my two interviewers would be and given the necessary link for the interview, which was to be held via the video...
  13. WriterK90

    Declined Admission After Interview LMU - Writing and Producing for Television MFA 2019

    First time applying. Invited to a video conference interview. Email to check portal around 1 pm EST.
  14. Chris W

    LMU - Writing & Producing for Television (M.F.A.)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Film School LMU - Writing & Producing for Television (M.F.A.). Please add to the discussion here.
  15. Chris W

    LMU - Film & Television Production (M.F.A.)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Film School LMU - Film & Television Production (M.F.A.). Please add to the discussion here.
  16. Chris W

    LMU - Writing for the Screen (M.F.A.)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Film School LMU - Writing for the Screen (M.F.A.). Please add to the discussion here.
  17. StefanNach

    Undergraduate Film production NYU Tisch vs. LMU SFTV

    Hello! I was accepted to both Undergraduate Production programs at the LMU School of Film and Television and NYU Tisch. I’m from Germany and for me it is really hard to actually get a feeling for both universities, here oversee, and I can only rely on their homepages and different...
  18. katherinekbb

    Help me decide! LMU or CalArts (for Directing)?

    Hello everybody! I got accepted by LMU (TV&Film production) and CalArts (Directing) for Fall 2016. And I'm still wondering which one should I pick. I visited CalArts in person but not LMU (don't have time to visit LMU before the reply deadline). I feel that I'm more drawn to the program at LMU...
  19. Amanda

    Fall 2016 LMU MFAs

    Hi everybody! Starting this thread because I'd love to get to know and chat with the others here who are planning on attending LMU in Fall 2016 across any of their MFA programs (Writing for the Screen, Film & TV Production, and Writing & Producing for TV). I think it'd be awesome if we were able...
  20. IndecisiveElle

    LMU - Digital App Question

    I of course emailed the office, but I know quite a few of you have submitted your applications already so I figure I might get a quicker response here. How exactly are the recommendations submitted? The phrasing in the instructions is a bit confusing. Am I personally supposed to submit them or...

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