1. Q

    Admitted (w/o Interview) American University MA in Film and Media Production

    This application was the easiest one I completed since there were no visual samples required. Heard back about admission in just over a week after applying.
  2. S

    Advice: Met Film - MA Cinematography or FAMU 1 year intensive Cinematography program?

    I am looking for a course that's totally concentrated on cinematography and I need some advice on which to go for between Met Film - MA Cinematography or FAMU 1 year intensive Cinematography program? I haven't seen much review here on either so I was wondering if anyone here has some experience...
  3. B

    Applied NFTS MA Screenwriting - 2024 entry

    Submitted my application with a 20 page screenplay and a short story on 4th May. Got an invitation to an interview on 28th June. Interview will take place on 13th July.
  4. A

    How difficult is it for international students to keep finding work in the UK/US/Europe after completion of the course?

    I totally understand that film schools don't work similarly as STEM schools, but it's a considerable financial investment to not think it through. Also, I've heard a lot of what film school helps with is networking; so having to go back right after the course would sort of be really harsh. So...
  5. M

    NFTS 2023 - Directing Fiction Applications

    Here we go again!! Third time's the charm, or so they say...
  6. S

    Admitted (After Interview) MetFilm MA Directing 2022

    I've got admitted after the interview. The interview questions are quite basic, like, what you can bring to the program, why Met, what's your previous filmmaking experience, etc. The tricky thing is, they have asked me to pay a 20% fee to secure my place, while I am still waiting for the answers...
  7. Margu

    1 year Masters

    Hi everyone, I was looking for an internship in the US, but it looks like it's not easy for an international student to get in. Plus I graduated in 2020 and may no longer be eligible. I thought the right thing to do would be a 1 year MA program to have easier access to an internship. Do you...
  8. sbbae

    Admitted (After Interview) LFS filmmaking

    Related diploma Personal statement (750 words) Portfolio (music video/ documentary/ art video/ photography) 3 min script 2 references Required documents
  9. docfilmmakerstudent

    Royal Holloway Digital Documenty MA or UCL Ethnographic & Documentary Film MA

    I am American and looking to get my MA in documentary in the UK, specifically London. Both Royal Holloway and UCL's programs seem very good. They both are taught by professional filmmakers and I would get a lot of hands on experience, like making my own documentaries. UCL seems to have a...
  10. A

    What job/work can I volunteer for that will be a substantial addition to an empty CV

    Hi. So I'm an aspiring film director, that is planning to go to film school for an MA in directing. I've usually heard that these types of programme have higher acceptance rate for those with life experiences/work experiences. But asides from my BA in psychology I have none. So I'm planning on...
  11. afreeman

    LFS Acceptance rate for screenwriting MA +price?

    I am wanting to apply to London Film School's MA program for screenwriting but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many people they accept into the program each year. Also I was curious on the price because on their website it says its only 14K euros which would be awesome haha
  12. A

    What are the differences between an MFA and an MA in film directing in the UK and are there better options?

    I would be done with my undergraduate degree a year from now and i plan to move to the UK as an international student to do an Masters in film directing through a scholarship. My intention to do this is not to get any connections from the film school but more so because I want to be surrounded...
  13. A

    Applying for an MA in directing. Starting from ground zero, what are the various things I can do in a year to make my resume and portfolio look good

    Hi guys. I'm an international student that wants to apply for an MA in directing in the UK once I'm done with my undergraduate degree(in a year time). Unfortunately right now as it stands, the only thing I can add to my resume and portfolio or life experience is that I studied psychology in the...
  14. radixg9

    Admitted (After Interview) London Film School - Filmmaking MA 2021

  15. Elbow07

    Denied (w/o Interview) NFTS - MA Directing Fiction - Jan 2021

    First time applying. Application requirements: Multiple question and answer satements Up to 15 mins of film 2 page treatment for original work that isn't related to the film(s) submitted
  16. ak47ksha

    Denied (w/o Interview) NFTS - MA Cinematography 2020

  17. D

    Choosing the best MA Filmmaking Program for Documentaries. Goldsmiths or UCL?

    Hi! I'm shortlisted for a full-time scholarship award in the UK and now I have to pick the postgraduate program I would like to join. I'm keen on programs that focus on documentary filmmaking and so far I've narrowed down to 2 choices: Goldsmiths (MA Filmmaking--Screen Documentary Pathway)...

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